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Three blue screens of death and an iTunes mess

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| “Read my lips; no new taxes,” President George H. W. Bush; “I did not have
| sexual relations with that woman,” President Bill Clinton;” and “Windows
| Vista has turned into a phenomenal product, better than any other OS we’ve
| ever built and far, far better than any other software available today,
| Co-president of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services Division Jim Allchin. Three
| great recent lies, but there’s only one of them that’s still being maintained
| as the truth: That Vista is a great operating system. Please, it’s not even
| stable.
| [...]
| Better still, I'd like to see all operating system developers to take a long
| hard look at what Andrew S. Tanenbaum has been up to with Minix, the
| operating system that inspired Linus Torvalds to write Linux. In Minix 3, all
| device drivers live in user space and its use of what Tanenbaum calls proper
| fault isolation goes a long way to making sure that bad code in a single
| place can't take down an entire operating system.



iTunes 8 causes Windows Vista problems

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| Not everyone is rocking to the new iTunes 8 released Tuesday. An informal
| poll on ZDNet suggests that a problem with the latest edition of the Apple
| media player is affecting some, but not all, users of the software on
| Microsoft's Windows Vista.



Who Knew... [Musical instruments crash]

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| Who knew that even musical instruments could experience Microsoft’s Blue
| Screen of Death. I didn’t until I went to Seattle’s Experience Music Project
| last week.


Running Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit and 4GB Ram

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| I then ordered 4GB (2 sticks of DDR667) of ram from Newegg.com. Everything
| arrived fine, I installed the ram which is very simple. With a D630 it
| involves talking off the keyboard to insert the first stick and then to
| install the second stick you just have to remove the back panel. I stuck in a
| Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit version and started the install. Everything
| went fine, Vista installed rather fast so I was really happy at this point.
| It rebooted after successful install, was loading into windows and then blue
| screened. I was devastated lol.


Windows Vista Loses Users

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| Ouch. While I completely appreciate what Microsoft tries to do for me, I just
| wish they’d listen a little more… and stop making it so darn easy for power *
| users to slip through their fingers.


Trouble Shooting The Blue Screen of Death

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| Fortunately since Windows 2000 this has become less of a common occurrence,
| or so it seemed. Working late last night at a client’s office on a handful
| of problems already, Windows Vista (Brand new machine, only a week old)
| decided to show me otherwise. While copying some vital files to the
| machine, it restarted windows. After a rebooting to the login screen,
| it then repeated the process of halting and restarted, nice!


Would You put Your Life in Vista's Hands?

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| While on a visit in Romania, where Bill Gates participated in the
| celebration of 10 years since the Microsoft branch has been running
| there, and the launch of Vista, declared that, with the right amount
| of administration, the new Vista could run life support systems in
| hospitals.


The Blue Screen of Death is Back!!!

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| Ok I'm going to wipe my computer and install Vista clean, and see if
| run into the same problems. If that does not work, I will go back to XP,
| and really start to look at getting a Mac, and I'm one of the few people
| that don't like apple (long story, tell you about it some other time).


QuickTime 7, Vista, and Toshiba's Tablet PC an Example of What's Wrong with
Computing Today

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| The fact that nothing else I do will crash my system, but that locally
| stored QuickTime movies crash it every single time tells me that the
| problem is not with Toshiba or Intel's drivers or Microsoft's OS;
| it's with QuickTime for Windows.


NVidia + Vista = BSOD

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| It has been widely reported that Nvidia drivers are quite buggy,
| and Nvidia themselves have a special area to deal with Vista bugs.


Catalyst 7.3 Causes BSOD in Vista

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| Looking to boost your system's performance? A driver upgrade is
| often a great way to do it, but in the case of AMD's new Catalyst
| 7.3 driver package for Radeon graphics cards and Windows Vista,
| you might want to hold off before you take the plunge unless you
| enjoy gazing at blue screens with white lettering. It's another
| case of driver woes with the new operating system.


Vista BSOD, Mac Pro Edition

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| I attempted to install Windows Vista Ultimate on my test machine here
| at the office last night. It's a dual-Xeon (quad core) Mac Pro tower,
| a real beast hardware-wise, so I figured I wouldn't encounter any
| problems.
| [BSOD]


Windows Vista Crashing On Install

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| Well i just tried installing Windows Vista after getting it from MSDN.
| do stress TRY. It crashed on install and here is the pic of it...


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