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Stocking Your New Computer With Top Open Source Apps

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| Linux users should keep in mind that there are many desktop environments for
| Linux that come with lots of good open source applications bundled. Take a
| look at this writeup on KDE and the slick applications under the hood in it.
| The latest version wraps in many new applications. Among the bundled
| examples, you get a personal information manager called Kontact, a browser,
| the DragonPlayer media player, and a whole lot more.
| Like KDE, many Linux users will want to look into GNOME for a desktop
| environment that comes loaded with open source applications. The new version
| of GNOME includes many slick apps, such as Vinagre, a remote access and VNC
| client.


IRC Clients for Linux Part 1: List of 6 GUI Clients

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| IRC plays a major role in the Linux development and the community itself, and
| most distributions and software projects usually have one or more IRC
| channels (usually on Freenode or, in Debian's case, on OFTC) for discussing
| issues related to the project or just helping users.
| I decided to put up this list which contains no less than 6 graphical IRC
| clients for Linux, powerful or user-friendly. I also provided several
| screenshots where I considered necessary and a brief description for each of
| them.



BitNami Adds Modules

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| Previously, each piece of software you installed with BitNami was entirely
| self-contained. For example, if you used their packaging to put both
| WordPress and Drupal on the same server, you'd end up with two copies of
| Apache, two of MySQL, and so on. While this made for easy configuration and
| trouble-free installs, it also had the potential to waste a lot of disk space
| and system resources.
| [...]
| The new approach makes using BitNami to set up a corporate server with a
| variety of open source software easier than ever.


Apache, PHP and PostgreSQL. All-in-one!

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| We are happy to announce the release of a new set of Infrastructure Stacks:
| LAPPStack, MAPPStack and WAPPStack. These stacks provide an easy to install
| distribution of Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP and supporting libraries. The
| user-friendly installer allows users to quickly install and configure a
| PHP-PostgreSQL platform on Linux, Windows and OS X.

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