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Lancelot reaches Holy Grail of KDE menu

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| KDE 4 is barely eight months old, and already it has three options for a main
| menu. Until now, users have either used the default Kickoff, which makes for
| awkward navigation of the menu tree, or reverted to the familiar but unwieldy
| classic menu. Now, with the first full release of Lancelot, users have
| another option that overcomes the shortcomings of both other alternatives and
| gives KDE 4 a thoroughly modern menu.
| [...]
| These points aside, Lancelot is in many ways what Kickoff should have been.
| It makes Kickoff structures work without inhibiting navigation or adding
| unnecessary complexity. I would not be greatly surprised if, a few releases
| down the road, Lancelot becomes the default menu in the KDE 4 series.



Lancelot revealed

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| Well, not exactly, but now you can get the general idea, and you can see what
| it will look like
| This is an actual screenshot, not a mock up...


The LHC is using KDE

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| I found some more interesting images:
| http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/fo...e-35141-3.html
| http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/fo...e-35141-5.html
| http://img388.imageshack.us/my.php?i...ed13sepjy2.png (from
| slashdot.org)


Deploying KDE to 52 million young people

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| By the end of this year 29,000 labs serving some 32,000,000 students will be
| fully deployed and in active use.
| By the end of next year (2009) those numbers will have swelled to 53,000 labs
| serving some 52,000,000 students.



KBFX, Windows-like Start Menu For KDE

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| That's a brief look to my KBFX. Look at the one that circled red. It's the
| KBFX button. It's just like Start menu in Windows, isn't it. My favourite
| part from KBFX is that it can use many themes that can be downloaded for
| free. At the picture above i'm using Vista theme. So, is my Linux look like
| Vista now? * *


KBFX Preface

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| KBFX is an alternative to the classical K-Menu button and it's menu.
| It improves the user experience by enabling the user to set a bigger
| (and thus more visible) start button and by finally replacing the
| Win95-like K-Menu. But if you still want the old menu, because you're
| used to it, it is still available as an option in KBFX. We recommend,
| however, that you give the Spinx bar a try.


kickoff season

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| Have you already seen the new KDE main menu codenamed "Kickoff?"


KDE 4 menu development

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| The main goals of Raptor are clear: to provide a high quality menu
| everyone will like. This includes an intelligent "My Favourite" section
| (intelligent means really intelligent and not the stuff available today),
| a skin supported menu (png or svg, colour, layout), fancy effects ("rain
| in the menu", whatever that means) and of course searching of all entries
| - at the moment implemented with strigi (which was mentioned pretty often
| at akademy - hope it gets even more boost!).


Kickoff Start Menu Research - Sneak Preview (Flash animation)

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| OpenSUSE 10.2 will have a redesigned KDE start menu created by the KDE
| and usability team at SUSE, after doing usability testing with other
| start menus. We now have a working prototype, code-named 'Kickoff'
| (started during world soccer championship, obviously), which is
| currently being tested with real users in the SUSE usability lab.

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