On Sep 13, 10:30*am, "jackie belue" wrote:
> what does this have to do with Dreamweaver and web sites???

It seems that Linux, Mac, and Dreamweaver are all the products of
would only be used by liberals, and therefore all thre should be:

> >> >> It must be wiped off the planet like the mankind-ending plague thatit
> >> >> is!

Typical extremists!

Country first!
What's good for GM is good for the country!
What's good for Bank of America, or Lincoln First, or Banks and
Realtors in general - is good for the country, including sub-prime
loans, variable rate loans, and artificially high housing prices
caused by flaky mortgage deals.

What's good for Microsoft is good for the country.

My country right or wrong!

Typical "conservative rhetoric"
The only good Indian is a dead Indian.
The only good Commie is is a dead commie
The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist
The only good liberal is a dead liberal.

The thinking leads to bombing abortion clinics,
burning crosses and lynchings in the 1950s
bombing churches in the 1960s,
the extetrmination of 16 million people including 9 million Jews,
the burning of 5 million witches during the inquisition.

It's the same brand of extremism - that masquerades as "Amerikan".
Current iterations include
Focus on the Family
Aryan Nation
The Klu Klux Klan

We should listen to them, because if we don't they might kill some of

That's their message.