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Some Reasons NOT to use Linux. Ever. At all.

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| It's interesting to see all the blogs and articles telling how many reasons
| there are to use Linux or Windows.
| I thought I would share some of the ideas that popped into mind for not using
| Linux, ever, after glancing over a few.
| Reasons to not even bother trying Linux, ever: ( cue drum roll... )
| 1) If you expect everything you use to work, look, perform and perhaps even
| smell to be EXACTLY like Windows or Apple, or whatever it is that you have
| only ever used for the majority of your life of using computers, Don't try
| Linux.
| 2) If the ideas of actually following a set of directions or using a thing
| called Google to learn more about what you want to do is mind-numbingly
| terrifying, don't Try Linux.
| [...]



The Truth About Staying

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| * You'll be able to ignore most viruses.
| Windows OneCare does a fantastic job of ignoring them so that will not
| be a problem!
| * You'll have some compatibility problems.
| Microsoft office is 99% compatible with Vista and since that's the only
| thing you'll ever use, who cares?


Reasons why I love Microsoft's Operating sytems

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| I think it's important to support billion dollar corporations. Without people
| like me buying their software they wouldn't be able to control the world. I
| also love to support all the other billion dollar software companies that I
| buy my add on software from. It's very invigorating. *


Windows Vista (Uncyclopedia Humour)

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| Microsoft does not consider the people who do not respect copyright
| its customers. The occasional criticism of the Windows Content
| Protection system on the grounds that it "disrespects users" has
| no merit; this feature is designed to help users, not disrespect
| them, by guiding them within the limits of copyright law and
| teaching them to distinguish right from wrong.

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