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IBM Linux ads show up Microsoft’s Seinfeld campaign

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| By way of comparison, have a look at these two older ads from IBM promoting
| Linux. Irrespective of whether you’re a Linux and IBM fan or not, the message
| is clear an unambigious.
| In the first one a young boy is being taught things and given information. He
| sits, mostly passively, as people from around the world feed him information.
| He absorbs the information and finally it is revealed … he is Linux. It’s a
| little cheesy but the message is not in doubt.


De-Fanging Microsoft

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| Like many, I was intrigued and ultimately disappointed by the first of the
| new Microsoft ads. But I assumed that it was in the nature of a teaser – or
| maybe even a clever ploy to lower expectations for later episodes, thus
| increasing their eventual impact.
| [...]
| As Google celebrates its 10th anniversary , the retrospectives are focusing
| more and more on the threat the company poses.
| For a while, most people have vaguely appreciated that Google really knows
| far too much about us, but the fears that engenders are starting to be
| articulated ever more loudly – and shrilly. In other words, Google, rather
| than Microsoft, is becoming the new digital bogeyman.



The main problem with Windows Vista

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| On top of this, Vista wasn't fully baked when it was released. The huge
| number of articles that suggested waiting for the first service pack is a
| testament to that.
| In fairness, the same can be said of Apple. Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) too, was
| far from fully baked when it was released. In this regard at least, Linux
| shines. There is no marketing department or sales department at Linux
| headquarters pushing the operating system out the door before the programmers
| say it's ready. In fact, there are no Linux headquarters at all.

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