On 8 Sep 2008, 7 verbalised:
> If the City has one rule, then that is that it doesn't rely on experts
> for anything.

Utterly, laughably, 100% entirely ludicrously wrong. It relies on
experts for *everything*: depending on how you define the word everyone
working in the City is some kind of expert...

> So, to rub salt into the wound, please sack all the WINDUMMIES in charge,
> and let them be lectured to by Linux Admins overseeing the conversion
> work to Linux servers and genuine near 100% uptime and super speeds.

You're contradicting yourself. First you say the City isn't reliant on
experts (it is) and then you suggest that `lecturing to' them is the
right approach (it isn't).

FWIW much (most?) of the backend systems in the City are Linux already,
on standalone systems or mainframes. Those that aren't are mostly
Solaris. (In days of yore there there many more Unixes in wide use,
but not anymore. Windows has never been terribly popular as a server
platform, although there are some.)

> Its all free and open source code.

They're generally more interested in `does Oracle support it' (yes),
although the ability to get bugs fixed fast matters too.