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Nexenta : Ubuntu Server with ZFS goodness

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| OSNews has been reporting on the Debian/Ubuntu/GNU/Opensolaris hybrid for
| several years. But for those of you who've never looked more closely at this
| interesting OS, a Nexenta developer has laid out some of its more noteworthy
| features and advantages.


More thumbs up to Ubuntu:

Banging on about Ubuntu...

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| I don’t want to bang on about how great Ubuntu linux is. Well, actually, I
| do. It’s great.
| Last night I had to scan in a whole stack of forms to send off to The
| Professionals. My friends in sunny north London have an HP PSC 1205
| all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/juicer. I plugged it in to my Aspire One
| running a tweaked Ubuntu, and started searching the HP site for drivers...
| but no, there was no need to do this. Ubuntu came up trumps yet again -- the
| printer and the scanner were recognised straight away.



When Will ZFS Come To Linux?

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| Unfortunately, as ZFS is licensed under Sun's CDDL (Common Development and
| Distribution License) instead of the GNU GPLv2 or GPLv3, this file-system
| hasn't been supported within the Linux kernel.


Proposing Read-Only ZFS

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| A recent thread on the lkml discussed a blog entry stating that minimal ZFS
| support for GRUB was available under the GPL license, "we could now use that
| code to implement support for ZFS in the Linux kernel." Alan Cox
| explained, "no we can't. The GPL ZFS bits don't include the various methods
| that would violate the patent so there is no grant. I've several times asked
| Sun to simply give permission and they don't even answer. I can only read the
| Sun motivation one way - they want to look open but know that ZFS is about
| the only thing that might save Solaris as a product in the data centre so are
| not truly prepared to let Linus use it." H. Peter Anvin added, "from what I
| can see, it is an absolutely-minimal read only implementation."


I swear, this is not another Unixfication post

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| Is Sun talking with Linus about moving ZFS to GPLv2, with the objective of
| fast tracking ZFS into a native Linux kernel implementation of the file
| system driver? Or is Linus considering moving the kernel to GPLv3, with Sun
| doing the same for OpenSolaris? Is Linux and Solaris DNA going to swap much
| quicker than previously thought?


Linux and Sun Partnering?

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| What happens when you get Linus Torvalds, Mr. Linux, together with Jeff
| Bonwick, Sun’s master of storage and creator of ZFS? Well, right now, we
| don’t know.
| All we know is that Bonwick has posted a trio of photos of himself and
| Torvalds on his blog under the mysterious title, Casablanca, with a couple of
| cryptic comments about chocolate and peanut butter and the phrase, “All I can
| say for the moment is… stay tuned.”
| Jim Grisanzio, Sun’s senior programming manager for OpenSolaris, links to the
| blog under the title “ZFS Pics.” This seems to indicate that Sun may be
| talking with Torvalds about bringing ZFS to Linux. Even this conclusion is
| really just speculation.



ZFS on Linux: It's alive

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| The project is working, with several users running and even booting from a
| ZFS volume. Correia has not undertaken any performance tuning yet, and
| one sysadmin, Chris Samuel, has posted benchmarks that clock only about
| half the speed of another Linux filesystem, XFS.


ZFS Filesystem for FUSE/Linux

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| ZFS is an advanced modern general-purpose filesystem from Sun
| Microsystems, originally designed for Solaris/OpenSolaris.
| This project is a port of ZFS to the FUSE framework for the
| Linux operating system.
| It was sponsored by Google, as part of the Google Summer of
| Code 2006 program.


ZFS: what "the ultimate file system" really means for your desktop -- in plain

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| It has quite an extensive feature set just like its peers, but builds on
| this by adding a new layer of simplicity. According to the official site,
| ZFS key features are...


ZFS to play larger role in future versions of Mac OS X

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| Sun Microsystems' relatively new ZFS filesystem will see rudimentary support
| under the soon-to-be released Mac OS X Leopard, but will eventually play a
| much larger role in future versions of the Apple operating system,
| AppleInsider has been told. *


Rampant layering syndrome

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| It's another post from a ZFS developer's blog. This time, it's Jeff
| Bonwick responding to Andrew Morton's claim that ZFS is a "rampant
| layering violation" because it cuts across the traditionally
| separate worlds of the filesystem, volume manager, and RAID controller.


Linux: ZFS, Licenses and Patents

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| A recent discussion on the lkml examined the possibility of a
| Linux implementation of Sun's ZFS. It was pointed out that the
| file system is released under the GPL-incompatible CDDL, and
| that Sun has filed numerous patents to prevent ZFS from being
| reverse engineered.


Sun's Schwartz: High-Performance Computing Will Be Pervasive

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| Schwartz said that Sun will continue to ramp up development efforts in its
| storage sector, centering on the Thumper X4500 server—a 48-drive unit with a
| capacity of 24TB per box. *
| "Thumper utilizes the ZFS," Schwartz said, "and we'll be taking the message
| out to the open-source community more and more as time goes on. In fact,
| we've seen the open-source community grow and accelerate its activity. That's
| where the future of development lies." * *

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