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Zenoss Becomes First Open Source Server and Network Management Solution
Available Under STG's EAGLE Contract

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| Zenoss Inc., a leading provider of commercial open source application,
| systems, and network management software, today announced that its
| award-winning solutions are now available to Department of Homeland Security
| agencies via STG's Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions
| (EAGLE) IDIQ contract. DHS agencies can use the STG contract to obtain
| Zenoss' integrated management solution. It is the first time that STG, a
| leading systems integrator to the Federal government, has offered a
| Commercial Open Source IT Management Software solution to the Federal
| marketplace.


The benefits of an open source SOA

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| Service-oriented architectures are helping companies do everything from
| automate business processes to increase agility, but implementing the
| technology is not necessarily forthright.
| SOA requires the integration of many varied processes, applications and
| technologies that are difficult to mesh seamlessly, meaning incompatibility,
| scalability and flexibility issues often arise. The license-fee structure of
| traditional software can also limit options and add cost. Turning to open
| source technology can help alleviate these issues and accelerate deployment,
| as well as business adoption.



School District Did Not Fire Network Manager For Recommending Linux

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| I emailed the writer of that same article to ask if Curtis Mason was
| really fired for recommending Linux. The reply confirmed my suspicion...
| [...]
| Lets not get into sensationalistic hissy fits, that?s reserved only
| for Microsoft.


Open source start-up launches network management software

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| Zenoss Core 1.0, downloaded some 50,000 times in the past 120 days,
| is software available under the Mozilla public license that monitors
| network devices, operating systems, applications, servers,
| environment and power supplies for health and availability.


Interop: More Net Management Products Move to Linux

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| Citing a rise in customer demand for Linux, companies at this week's
| Interop show demo'd new Linux-enabled products running the gamut from
| multifunctional management appliances to specialized software for
| combatting viruses and administering UPS power devices.

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