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10 interesting open source software forks and why they happened

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| Judging from these ten software forks, common causes of forks are
| disagreements (sometimes purely ideological) and personality clashes, though
| more practical reasons are also common (such as the Webkit and Firefox
| examples). It is also interesting to see that many times the forks have
| surpassed the original software in popularity.



Drizzle, a MySQL fork for web applications

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| MySQL employees have announced a fork of the open source MySQL database,
| named "Drizzle", that focuses on what they see as the essential features for
| an online database. In his blog, Brian Aker suggests web applications,
| databases without integrated business processes, cloud environments and
| multi-core architectures as potential applications for this trimmed down
| version of MySQL server.


Running With Forks

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| On a Windows computer, there is no configurable limit to the number of
| processes you can run. So it is relatively trivial to create a batch file to
| launch the same application in an infinite loop until the system is unusable.
| Some Windows services provide protection, in particular IIS can be configured
| to restrict total number of threads and CPU being consumed. However, this is
| not system-wide and certainly leaves the door open for trojan applications
| that may want to take your computer away from you.
| UNIX operating systems, however, have the concept of ULIMIT. This facility
| has evolved, and while most distributions don’t bother to configure any
| limits they are easily setup and can serve as a protective barrier between
| you and a poorly written application.


Citrix strips XenSource of virtualization, open source...everything

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| Citrix either got completely snowed in the acquisition or, much more likely,
| it's getting pressure from its bosom-buddy, Microsoft. What it's not getting
| is much value for its $500 million.

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