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Sub-Saharan universities train in Web 2.0 tools

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| Representatives from 12 universities in eight sub-Saharan countries are
| meeting in Uganda to train in the use of Web 2.0 tools and open-source
| software.
| The training in Web 2.0 tools is aimed at enabling the 35 lecturers and
| professors to carry out collaborative research in the field of agriculture,
| while the training in open-source software seeks to popularize the medium
| among higher institutions of learning.



Universities that do not use Free Software: Time for a boycott?

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| I received an email recently from a young man in Brazil who wanted me to come
| to his university and talk to the students and faculty about using Free
| Software. I am normally happy to advise universities to use Free Software,
| but usually this is done in conjunction with some large conference held at
| the university or some other venue. I just do not have the time to visit each
| and every school. But I did investigate the university of the student and
| found that Microsoft was indeed a sponsor of the University. In fact, the
| university had a large banner on the front page of their web site talking
| about Microsoft as a partner. It was the first time I saw a university
| advertising a commercial firm on their home page.
| I started doing a little more investigation of the student's city and found
| that there was another university in the same city that was very active with
| Free Software. In fact, they had a mirror of Debian software and were
| actively promoting Free Software.
| [...]
| Ten years ago a boycott might not have been possible. There were too few
| universities that had access to enough really good Free Software to ask the
| students to make a "sacrifice" in forsaking a university that only used
| proprietary software to teach. Now, with the range of Free Software that is
| available, and with the marketplace crying out for new programmers trained in
| Free Software development techniques, and with many more good universities
| using Free Software to teach courses, the university "marketplace" is ready
| for the boycott.


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