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[Pelican HPC:] 05 Sept 2008 v1.7 released

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| * Open MPI 1.2.7rc2, LAM/MPI 7.1.2, Octave 3.0.1 with MPITB
| * kernel 2.6.26, syslinux 3.71, trying out atftpd
| * make_pelican adapted to latest live-helper
| * general sync to Debian Lenny


OpenGEU 8.04.1 Luna Crescente Live CD Released


MilaX 0.3.2 (OpenSolaris):

MilaX Note (0.3.2)

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| Changes:
| Small Desktop 32bit version, based on Nevada 95.
| Network modules moved to the /usr/kernel/drv that has reduced the miniroot
| size.
| ZFSinstall script requires less memory to work.
| [...]


RIPLinuX 6.5


GoblinX 2007.2 (XFlash) [Released]


New page:

About GoblinX News

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| Subscribe in a reader
| Beyond the newsletter GoblinX also will maintain this page to inform you.
| Every news about the distribution, releases, screenshot tours, reviews,
| articles, and also some about development process, website, repository and
| more is going to be published here and not only on our newsletter.
| Sometimes, as the newsletter are published only at Sundays, you will find
| here more fresh news about GoblinX and opinions around the world.



Testing OpenGEU 8.04 Beta

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| Ever since the release of OpenGEU 8.04 Beta a few days ago, I felt I needed
| to see for myself what it brought new and to take a closer look at the
| praised E17 Desktop shell. Combining the power and flexibility of Ubuntu and
| Gnome with the beauty of E17, OpenGEU 0.04 (Luna Crescente) aims to make the
| step forward in developing a user-friendly system.
| As Luca De Marini, the designer behind OpenGEU said, this release is somehow
| not quite appropriate in timing with the new Ubuntu being so close to the
| release date, but it's nevertheless a great OS to reside on anyone's
| computer. With these words from the OpenGEU team, I began installing it one
| of our computers, here at the Softpedia Labs, my expectations being very
| high, as also was my trust in a great release.


Review: OpenGEU 8.04 'Luna Crescente' Beta Live CD

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| WHEN I decided to try the OpenGEU Linux distribution, I had little experience
| of its Enlightenment window manager.
| I had played around with Elive, the Debian-based live CD featuring
| Enlightenment, in the past but had never spent any time getting to know and
| understand this elegant-looking WM.


GoblinX packs a lot into compact Slackware-based distro

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| GoblinX, an installable live CD based on the solid foundation of Slackware
| Linux, released Standard edition version 2.6 last month. It comes with lots
| of handy applications and five desktop managers: KDE, Fluxbox, Xfce,
| Enlightenment, and WindowMaker. I was impressed with the amount of software
| included as well as the stability and performance of GoblinX 2.6. * *



Manage partitions and disks with GParted-Clonezilla live CD

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| For a home user or an administrator with just a few systems, the
| GParted-Clonezilla live CD is an excellent tool for managing disks. It can
| save you several hours when preparing new disks or migrating partitions from
| one disk to another. It's also a fantastic way to move a partition that's not
| around free space into a bigger partition without much fuss. * *


OpenGEU - A new distro with a new name and a new look for Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| I am honestly pleased to give this package a complete 5 Pennie review. I can
| clearly state that this is everything is a distro I want, with little given
| way of the politics for the day with removing the codecs and having to change
| the name. I didn't really like Geubuntu because the Ge confuses the reality
| of the day. Eubuntu was already out there, designed as an education bundle so
| how do you communicate what is under the hood? * *


openGEU - sunny Ubuntu - Overview & short tutorial

,----[ Quote ]
| openGEU is another extremely successful Ubuntu child, running Enlightenment
| 17 as the desktop manager. Like gOS, another Ubuntu & Enlightenment distro
| reviewed some time ago here at Dedoimedo, openGEU offers a healthy
| refreshment of color and choices to the already well-established distro. *



Review: GoblinX 2.6

,----[ Quote ]
| In conclusion, you should give GoblinX a chance, but not because it's so
| small (300 MB) or because it so good looking and fast, and not because it has
| so many window managers, but because all the beautiful wallpapers and the
| magical applications I've mentioned in this review are created by a single
| person, Flavio de Oliveira! Thank you Flavio for such a glamorous distro (and
| for those amazing wallpapers)!


GoblinX, a Beautiful Brazilian Distro

,----[ Quote ]
| GoblinX is a Slackware-based Linux distribution directed towards desktop
| users and features a highly customized desktop. Acccording to Distrowatch,
| the primary goal of GoblinX is to create a more pleasant and functional
| desktop, standardizing all icons and themes to make it easy for novice users
| to learn about available applications. GoblinX is currently offered in 4
| flavors: The GoblinX Premium - the most complete...


First Look at GoblinX 2.6 Mini

,----[ Quote ]
| GoblinX is a distribution that dares to be different and unique. While mostly
| every time, unique doesn’t equals good, this is not one of these times. It
| might be a little difficult to get used to this distribution but it surely
| worths it. At least giving it a try. Enjoy!


ReviewLinux.Com: First Look GoblinX Micro 2.6

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| I am looking at a micro Linux distribution today called GoblinX 2.6. This
| distribution is a Live CD that loaded fast and was very stable. Hope you
| enjoy the movie.


Review: GoblinX 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| I felt that GoblinX is a pretty decent distribution. They definitely
| went all out to create their own look and feel and they did a good
| job of doing this. Other than K3b not working, the system appeared
| to work just fine for me. It gives you a variety of applications
| to use as well as giving your system a unique look and feel. The
| effort put in to getting the applications themed together similarly
| is commendable. It helps solidify the system?s look and feel and
| gives it a polished look.


Released GoblinX Premium 2007.1

,----[ Quote ]
| The GoblinX Premium 2007.1 is released.
| The special edition created to be the main operating system of
| the goblin fan, our O.S. Replacement, starts the second
| generation of the distribution, full of news, special
| features and upgrades.


GoblinX Premium 2007.1

,----[ Quote ]
| GoblinX is a truly unique looking Linux experience. Even today with
| all the themes and 3D effects, many distros look so similar as to
| sometimes make distinction difficult. This won't be a problem with
| GoblinX. It can't be confused with any other.


GoblinX 2.0 Screenshot Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| All new features and upgrades prepared for the Premium edition are
| included, including a new functional Magic Center which works with
| Xfce and all graphical user interfaces. In comparison with Premium
| released in the end of last month, this edition adds 'probesata'
| cheatcode and SATA modules support to initrd and also corrects a
| small error in the GoblinX installer


Slack Off: GoblinX vs. Zenwalk

,----[ Quote ]
| The older and more experienced Zenwalk Linux won, but by just a slim margin.
| Its stability and added features were just too much for the young GoblinX to
| take. Nonetheless, GoblinX didn’t just easily go down because it fought until
| the end. I think it has a huge potential to succeed, and perhaps, could
| someday become a distro to be reckoned with.
| A well-deserved win by Zenwalk in my own view, but as always, I want more
| opinions from our dear readers.

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