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Faster application launching with GNOME-Do and GNOME Deskbar

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| GNOME enthusiasts have a couple of good options when it comes to searching,
| launching, and otherwise manipulating and accessing files, applications, and
| information right from the desktop: GNOME-Do, and the GNOME Deskbar applet.


Grumpy Gnome-Hater Almost Changes Mind

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| At any rate, I'm using Ubuntu Hardy for my audio recording and editing
| workstation, and it's working out nicely. Some things are still too
| simpleminded for my liking, such as the printing manager, and the screenshot
| and CD-writing apps. Installing better apps takes care of that. Overall, I'm
| finally starting to warm up a wee bit to Gnome 2.x.



21 of the Best Free Linux Productivity Tools

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| One of the essential ingredients to running a successful business is
| maintaining an advantage over your competition. Many different types of
| computer software can significantly enhance performance at the workplace, or
| in the home. A polished office suite, a reliable backup system, an intuitive
| desktop environment, even a welcome break from reality with an immersive game
| all have their part to play in helping users achieve their maximum potential.


Be a Productive Linux User

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| Use Terminator: Terminator is a nice way to free your valuable screen space
| from multiple terminal windows. Instead of using one terminal window for each
| task, divide an existing window horizontally or vertically each time you need
| a new terminal window. So if you find yourself using 8 terminal windows, you
| can use Terminator and pack your terminals into 2 windows.


Be super-productive with Linux

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| It might sound a bit weird but the kind of Operating System you’re probably
| using may affect your productivity at work! Though, a user is a more
| responsible entity when it comes to productivity, but somewhere
| down-the-line, we can hold your operating system responsible for the same.
| [...]
| Reasons why Linux may be productive
| * * * The power of command line..
| * * * Customization...
| * * [...]


Why Open Source contributes to productivity

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| Open source software has become quite popular lately and I think it’s awesome
| that free software like Amarok, Open Office, GIMP and so on, are becoming so
| good that they not only rival their paid counterparts, but surpass them in
| many ways. *


Kubuntu days...productive days

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| So, what is the point? It is that, for non technical users, as I am, Kubuntu
| have reached a point where I'm able to do with linux everything I used to be
| able to do in windows, install it, make partitions, configure a network,
| install apps, share printers and directories, configure wifi devices, create
| users, etc. very easily. In fact, I can do more things now that I could in
| windows. * *
| We can improve a lot though, but it has been a confirmation of what I already
| knew (we all know). With linux I'm more productive, even in tedious actions
| like the ones I've done these days. *


Matthias Ettrich: The KDE-Man!

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| Nobody in their right mind would choose Windows over GNU/Linux based on the
| desktop experience alone, says Matthias Ettrich.



Switching from KDE to WinXP #2

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| Conclusion
| I have looked at several features that KDE?s Konqueror has but that
| WinXP's Explorer doesn't have. I have also mentioned a few of the
| things I don't like about Explorer and often why I think Konqueror's way of
| doing it is better. You may have noticed that there is nothing positive
| about Explorer. That is true and it is not for lack of trying. The fact is,
| for me, the way I work, there is just nothing special about Explorer. I
| didn't find any feature that struck me as being especially cool or useful
| that Konqueror didn?t also have.
| Switching from KDE to WindowsXP at work has seriously impaired my
| productivity.

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