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How Linux is keeping Microsoft honest (and why SBS sucks)

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| Imagine a world without Linux. There'd be no cute Tux penguin or any notion
| of software freedom day. Netbooks would not have come about. But more
| strikingly, there wouldn't be the modern powerful tools that Windows systems
| administrators have come to love. That's right; Linux is keeping Microsoft
| honest and I'm going to expose the new Windows Small Business Server for what
| it is, along with those who resell it.



Windows Trying to Catch up!

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| Win folks starts cloning with this pathetic attempt to recreate XGL with
| this Yod'm 3D! The 3D Window Manager on Windows from CrystalXp
| [...]
| Too slow, the desktop bar keeps on jumping out of place and on top
| of all that it doesn't come with decent uninstall feature!!
| Advice Don't do it, want a professional cool looking and FREE O/S
| get yourself Linux otherwise stick with your Windows Explorer!!


Desktop dreaming

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| There are Linux users that have little use for productivity suites, and
| depend instead on a simple text editor, which has all the functions any one
| man or woman could need, and makes files that everyone can read. Â*
| [...]
| Critics like to pretend that free software lacks innovation. This assumption
| is given credibility on the desktop because we can't imagine a different
| universe until we have stopped playing catch up with Windows, and have caught
| a significant share of the Windows market on the desktop. Â*


This eWeek [on Servers]

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| I asked Jason about Windows Server's newfound security: "The first time
| I heard about this new feature," he said, "I thought it was clearly a
| response to Linux.
| Windows Server 2008 isn't quite there yet, according to Jason's tests.


Analyzing Microsoft’s OS by Linux Standards

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| Nevertheless, after the install and basic setup, it seemed to work okay.
| Due to the size of the install DVD, I was expecting a full-featured OS
| complete with good burning software, an office suite, etc.
| What I got was entirely sub-par.
| No decent cd-burning software was provided,
| and I found that to get one, (Nero) I would have to pay extra.
| Wow. With Ubuntu, I could get K3b for free, with the benefit
| of it being open-source too. If that wasn’t bad enough, I noticed that all
| images, fonts, and the desktop itself seemed skewed.
| Hmm. Must be missing the display drivers. But before I contacted Gateway to
| protest that the included OS didn’t come with display drivers, I decided to
| browse it a bit more(after all, display isn’t a huge deal for the moment).
| Now, I’ve seen XP in use before, so I had a general idea of how it was
| supposed to work. After awhile, it dawned on me that my machine wasn’t
| cutting it: I needed those drivers! The sound, wifi, display, and some
| aspects of the MoBo and touchpad were either not operating to their full
| capacity or not working at all. Now Ubuntu (my main OS) did sometimes need
| drivers, especially for tv-cards and the like, but I had never had so many
| necessary driver additons. Geez. And this is the OS that came with the
| machine! Â* Â* Â* Â* Â*

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