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Software's open-source model provides inspiration in other arenas

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| Defense Secretary Robert Gates calculates that the transparency of Minerva is
| also its strength, that by looking to everyone for advice and letting the
| crowd weigh in on the results, the communal know-how will be that much
| richer.



Cyberpunk icon proposes open source political party

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| This week, Sirius proposed the establishment of a new open-source political
| party that aims to give a voice to disenfranchised voters.


Open Source Rough Justice

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| In a way, this is a validation of the characterization of the Net as
| a "global village": Formal, governmental enforcement mechanisms are a
| substitute for older reputation-based methods that use social pressure and
| shunning as primary sanctions — methods that had become impractical as social
| cooperation expanded beyond the village level


The importance of open source in a legal process

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| At my first daily news job, the “slot” editor would take the work of
| reporters out of a pneumatic tube, assign it to another desk editor for
| checking, then re-check the desk editor’s work to prepare the day’s list of
| stories for the decision-makers. (Yes, it was indeed a series of tubes.)
| When the open source process is energized, reporters take the job of the slot
| editor, calling on readers for basic research, digesting the results and
| constantly re-starting the process. Lawyers also take on this role, as at the
| EFF.


Open Source Lawyers

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| Luckily, lawyers too are embracing the notion of community. Most
| recently I ran across the Open Bar Association where they feature
| discussions for lawyers by lawyers from all over the planet. Some
| of the topics discussed include linking analysis, GPL and license
| compatibility and other considerations.


The Wikipedia way to better intelligence

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| The lesson? Advanced technology and Web-savvy citizenry now make
| it possible for open-source information gathering to rival, if
| not surpass, the clandestine intelligence produced by government
| agencies.
| Indeed, open-source methods have already proved their worth in
| counterterrorism.


Can IT Use Open Source Methods To Write Internal Code?

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| Mainstream companies are using open source methods to develop
| their own software. Lynne Ellyn, CIO of DTE Energy, shares her
| thoughts on how to make it work.


Can open source methodology make a movie?

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| We all know that open source is being used to help make movies. Linux
| and open source software have been used in rendering farms for major
| pictures like Shrek, Lord of the Rings, and many others. Earlier
| this year the Blender project released Elephants Dream, the first
| movie made entirely with open source graphics software. But can
| the open source methodology be used to create a movie? The folks
| behind The Digital Tipping Point (DTP) are betting it can.


Open Source Gets a Wall Street Boost

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| This is good news for the providers of open-source financial technologies,
| such as Zecco, a Web 2.0 stock trading and investment community. Zecco said
| its open-source platform allows it to offer its 75,000 customers 10 free
| equity trades a month, and to build up a community which generates financial
| content for the company. * *


In search for foreign intelligence, spies turn to YouTube, MySpace, blogs

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| Open source intelligence collection focuses on compiling and analyzing
| unclassified data from publicly available sources for use by the CIA, policy
| makers and other law enforcement agencies. Formerly known as the Foreign
| Broadcast Information Service, the Open Source Center's mission in recent
| years has shifted from translating newspaper and television reports from
| abroad to culling the Web for information on foreign targets. The center
| trains intelligence agents and others in government. * * *

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