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Source for the goose should be source for the gander

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| Jamie Boyle’s sensible defence of open-source software starts in a disarming
| way, by suggesting that the Federal Circuit’s decision in Jacobsen v Katzer,
| which upheld the validity of an open-source copyright claim, was one of those
| dry-as-dust decisions that only intellectual property geeks could love. But,
| as he quickly points out, the decision is not just about model trains and the
| computer systems that control them. It is rather about the ways in which new
| technology is distributed from their creators to, well, just about everyone
| else.


LYNX Services Sees Claims Clearly With Ingres Open Source

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| In a business that relies on shattered glass, the one thing LYNX Services
| knew it needed was a database that was virtually unbreakable. That is why
| LYNX Services, the market leader in auto glass claims management, adopted the
| open source version of Ingres Database to process auto glass claims for their
| clients. Ingres Corporation, a leading provider of open source database
| management software and support services, provides high availability, quick
| transactional processing, and an easy deployment language that helps LYNX
| Services manage more than 3 million claims annually.



Lessons of the Linux revolution

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| By the time Sun gave up and converted Solaris to an open-source model, a
| large share of the server market had already switched to Linux.
| It took the backing of IBM to turn Linux into a piece of software that
| companies were prepared to base their core information technology systems on.
| Similarly, Google's backing could help turn Linux into a more serious
| competitor in mobile.


BG: 'Government's increasing use of Open Source inevitable'

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| The Bulgarian government will turn more and more to Open Source software,
| predicts Krasimir Panayotov, coordinator of the GNU/Linux User Group in the
| city of Rousse, the country's fifth-largest city.

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