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A First Extraction Of Chromium

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| Chrome is not Google's new open source browser. Chromium is Google's new open
| source browser; Chrome is the name of Google's branded binary release of the
| Chromium browser. Open source projects live or die by the quality of their
| community, and in the early life of a project, the quality of the developer
| community. The initial release and supporting documentation usually hint at
| how well developed the project will be. With that in mind, heise online UK
| set out to build Chromium from the available source code and see how
| difficult the process was.


Thoughts on browsers

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| Many great things happening in the browser world that can go right and wrong.
| It would be in Opera's best interest to open-source and try and steal some
| thunder away from the open source projects gaining ground like webkit and
| googles V8 js engine. In the end we users have some interesting choices on
| what to use to browse the web. One thing is for sure being proactive can have
| an effect not expected so let the internet tubes be and allow the
| participators to decide what website is good and which is not.


Google Hopes Chrome Will Help, Not Hurt Firefox

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| The search giant didn't want to use Firefox as its test bed for new browser
| ideas, so it made its own.


Google Chrome: Browser Or Cloud Operating System?

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| By most accounts, the Google Chrome development team has dramatically
| achieved its goal of building a browser that combines a minimal design with
| sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, safer, and easier.


The Power User's Guide to Google Chrome

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| Now that you've been enjoying Google Chrome's headliner features and speed
| for almost a week now, it's time to dig into the less obvious functionality
| and options you don't already know about. Become a keyboard shortcut master,
| take a peek under the hood, and customize its behavior and skin with some of
| the best shortcuts, bookmarklets, themes, add-ons, and subtle functionality
| in Google Chrome.


Google Chrome: Why it's a game-changer

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| For those of us who've been in the tech game for a while, browser wars are
| nothing new. (Remember a humble little company called Netscape?) But there's
| something about the launch of Google's new browser, Chrome, which promises to
| be a game-changer in a way previous generations of browsers haven't been.


Shiny new browser

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| As it turns out, the comic-book introduction was strangely appropriate for
| Google’s unconventional open-source browser that could shake up the market



Chrome aims to kill Windows, make Web the OS of choice

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| Mike Masnick, president and CEO of IT research firm Techdirt, agreed that
| Chrome is a key part of Google's strategy top make the operating system
| obsolete.

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