"middletree" wrote in message
> In the occasional discussion about table layouts, someone always
> uses, as a primary reason for avoiding such layouts, something to the
> effect of "tables were originally intended for tabular data." I want
> to proclaim here to all who choose to read this that that is an
> idiotic reason to give.
> It doesn't matter what something was originally intended for. Making
> things work beyond their originally intended purpose is a good thing.
> The ability to adapt things from their original purpose has made
> society advance in countless ways. Viagra was intended to be a heart
> medication. . Aspirin comes from treees. In fact, the Internet itself
> was intended to be a way for university scientists to share research
> data. I don't see anyone here advocating that we return the Internet
> for what it was originally intended for. Much of our modern computer
> and communications technology came from work originally intended for
> the space program or military programs.
> Point being: there are good reasons to not use tables for layouts.
> "Original intentions" is not one of them. If you want to convince
> someone of this, talk about accessibility, bloated code, site
> manageability, etc Just don't talk to me about what tables were
> originally intended for. I don't give a frog's fat ass what their
> original purpose was. I don't want anyone telling me I ought not
> adapt technology and use it in original ways.
> Sheesh, I can't believe I have to explain this stuff.

Look at Snit's "business" site, as if he has a real business:

He thinks he codes well but his site is done all in tables. He has no idea
what they are used for and no idea how to do layout. His CSS is not
optimized at all. He does everything with Dreamweaver and could not
actually code something to save his life.

"Apple is pushing how green this is - but it [Macbook Air] is
clearly disposable... when the battery dies you can pretty much
just throw it away". - Snit