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Dumb questions and simple answers.

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| The world of so called "journalism" especially in the realm of technology and
| Linux is full of questions and comments that aren't really worth the cost of
| the ink it takes to bold and highlight them.
| There are a few that have been around for awhile now that have already been
| answered yet the press and "pundits" have chosen to ignore the answers
| because then they wouldn't have anything "exciting" to write about anymore.
| Let's take for example, the question of "When will Linux be ready for the
| desktop?"
| Linux is on the desktop. It has been announced for several companies and
| government agencies around the world. This is a fact. Linux IS on the user
| desktop. Now, is it on a billion desktops as some other OS's are claimed to
| be? Of course not.



Why Vista is not ready for Linux and Mac users

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| I’ve started my simulated migration from Linux to Vista already, starting my
| dog food challenge two days early, I will go over my findings so far,
| sometimes making the assumptions a new Windows user would, and mostly from
| the perspective of a Linux “switcher”, with a dose of sarcasm.


It's time to retire "ready for the desktop"

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| Quite a few reviews of new Linux releases these days try to determine if a
| distribution is "ready for the desktop." I myself have probably been guilty
| of using that phrase, but I think it's time we officially retire this
| criterion.


Linux is ready, but consumers are not

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| Haff said a window of opportunity for Linux ironically may lie in the demise
| of the desktop OS. "If you believe in the emergence of cloud computing, then
| the whole concept of running applications on the desktop starts to go away.
| This may well mean that Linux gets more interesting for client devices
| because now native applications do not matter so much," he said. * *
| Colin Sng, a systems engineer in a Singapore-based firm, who uses Windows,
| Mac and Linux OSes for work and at home, said the technology is ready, but
| obstacles lie mostly with the consumer. *



Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability

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| Don't Lose This Product Key!
| Video blanking hassles
| Windows XP networking: Not for amateurs
| Shocked by additional software costs
| Where Windows XP shines
| Hope for the future


Linux ready for the desktop

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| McLaren said the cost of security alone in the standard desktop, is at
| least "50 percent to double" that of Linux.
| He believes the primary inhibitors to large-scale Linux desktop adoption
| are Windows applications, especially Excel macros, and a perception of
| a large training cost associated with the move.
| "There will always be a migration cost for any large project, but this
| will be dramatically lowered over time," he said. "You need take a
| long-term view and realize security and admin costs will be lowered. We're
| not saying everything should be moved over at once."
| McLaren cited car rental company Europcar as having "success" by moving
| call centre people and branch office systems to Red Hat's desktop.

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