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Microsoft Sort Of Copying Apple Genius Bar

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| Microsoft should just stop going to toe to toe with Apple. Each time they go
| and “copy” a Cupertino idea it fails miserably. Microsoft can’t compete on
| the commercial front, even though the Mac vs PC ads are starting to get
| stale. Now Microsoft is looking to combat the Apple Genius’ with some
| Microsoft Gurus. This sounds like a good idea, but then you have to consider
| that there are no Microsoft stores.


Microsoft fires up the photocopiers once again: ‘Microsoft Gurus’ to mimic
Apple’s ‘Mac Geniuses’



Microsoft Files Patents for 'InPrivate' and 'Cleartracks' Browser Privacy Tools

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| Microsoft (News - Alert) has reportedly applied for trademarks to protect two
| of its Internet tools, InPrivate and Cleartracks. Microsoft indicated that
| these tools could be part of the upcoming version of Internet Explorer 8 Web
| browser.



Microsoft stole KittenAuth, renamed it and claimed it as their own.

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| The Microsoft Asirra project sites Oli as a source yet the Yahoo news story
| did not. I can only imagine that the more and more the Asirra project is
| pushed into the public domain, the less Oli will be cited as having the
| original idea. This isn't actually fair and I'd be very very upset if I was
| him. The idea is excellent yet the credit certainly won't be passed in his
| direction anymore. Any financial gain from the project won't pay royalties to
| him either and it's not like he could patent the idea originally. * * *


Microsoft files further adware patent

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| An example is given of a user browsing to a folder full of MP3 media files -
| such browsing would alert the adware monitor that the user may need MP3
| playing software, decoders, soundcards or other related items, and the
| appropriate advertising could then be displayed in a popup. *



Will Microsoft Put The Colonel in the Kernel?

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| "The kernel meets The Colonel in a just-published Microsoft patent
| application for an Advertising Services Architecture, which delivers targeted
| advertising as 'part of the OS.' *


Microsoft patents the mother of all adware systems

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| The adware framework would leave almost no data untouched in its quest to
| sell you stuff. It would inspect "user document files, user e-mail files,
| user music files, downloaded podcasts, computer settings, computer status
| messages (e.g., a low memory status or low printer ink)," and more. How could
| we have been so blind as to not see the marketing value in computer status
| messages? * *

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