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> Christopher_Hunter writes:
>> Ignoramus10032 wrote:
>>> Do not overestimate the importance of "games". Not all people play
>>> games, and I would hazard to guess that most people do not play
>>> games. I really could not give a flying fsck about games, personally.
>>> I want my computer to work reliably, to be able to automate it, to be
>>> sure that it is not taken over by "viruses", to be sure that it does
>>> what I want and not what some marketing department wants, etc.
>>> Hence, I use Linux. I am aware that I have maybe 1/100 of the games I
>>> could have on Windows, but do I really care? No.

>> That pretty much sums up my position, too. If I wanted to play games (not
>> that I want to), I'd buy a game console like a PS3 or whatever. Trying to
>> play games on commodity hardware like a PC is simply stupid!
>> C.
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> It is if you try to play modern PC games on Linux. Its why I dual booted

No. It is if you try to use a "modern PC" for games.

Weenies like you like to brag about how much you pay for your
video cards just so your machines are good enough to manage. The
rest of us would rather just buy an entire current generation
console for that price and hook it up to a 60" TV and a proper
surround sound system.

> for a while. Sigh. Another "I dont want therefore no one wants" moron. I
> suspect you know nothing about modern PC gaming. Rumour has it that its
> quite big business in the real world .... But hey! Dont take my word for
> it, go look at some of the modern stuff. You might just be surprised:
> Modern PCs play games faster and at higher resolutions than any console
> can hope to do. Yes, I'm sure you wont agree. Because you dont have a

Yes... because 1200p is just soo much better than 1080p.

Nevermind the cost, or complexity or pisspoor controls.

> clue about modern entertainment SW or top level video cards.

We have enough of a clue to know not to bother.


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