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KOffice on Maemo

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| As KOffice is supposed to be a lightweight office suite, I figured it would
| be nice to see how well it would run on maemo based devices. Thanks to Thomas
| Zander who replaced a lot of the double usage in koffice with qreals it was
| quite straightforward to get koffice to compile and packaged. Well, for the
| most part that is, I didn't manage to get kspread to link as apparently the
| old gcc version I'm using has some problems with inner classes in templated
| classes and duplicate symbols. After fixing some trivial issues, I could
| install koffice on maemo and run it...



Join the first Maemo Summit

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| Know more about Nokia's Linux platform and its evolution. Meet the core team,
| 3rd party professional developers and key community contributors. Showcase
| and discuss your work. Learn, share, hack. And have fun!
| The Open Source in Mobile World conference is an interesting venue to know
| more about the business and technical context of the Maemo platform. Nokia is
| active in this event and invites the Maemo community to join it. After the
| conference we propose the first Maemo Summit calling to all contributors.


Maemo 4.1 bring mail and packaging improvements to Nokia's Linux-based tablets

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| Since Maemo's inception, the team at Nokia has slowly replaced closed
| components with free software alternatives, has made it easier for users to
| install "unapproved" applications, has opened up shell and root access, and
| now is making the system upgrade process function like a traditional desktop
| distro, not a cell phone. With all of the recent acquisitions Nokia has made
| in both the open source and handheld device realm, it will be interesting to
| see where it takes Maemo from here.


OS2008 Feature Upgrade: reflash your tablet (for the last time?)

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| Nokia has published the OS2008 Feature Upgrade for the N810 and N800 Internet
| Tablets. This release is based on Maemo 4.1 (codename Diablo) and provides
| the Seamless Software Update feature.



Announcing XFCE on the IT

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| Another b-e-a-utiful compiliation from Penguinbait. XFCE is now available for
| the Internet Tablet (Yes, the N770 and N800!). *


KDE on the IT

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| KDE and all it's supporting programs have been compiled for the Internet
| Tablet, and it works b-e-a-utifully. I've installed this sucker on my N770
| and it purrs like a kitten, believe it or not *

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