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> on 9/4/08 7:00 PM:
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> >
> >>>> You are the one who brought up things from Obama's family that
> >>>> happened
> >>>> before he was born, as if he should be held accountable for them if
> >>>> Palin
> >>>> should be held accountable for what other families with teen
> >>>> pregnancies
> >>>> are
> >>>> held accountable to!
> >>>
> >>> nice try, but i really made no such statement or implications about
> >>> holding anyone accountable for anything.
> >>
> >> Yeah... right. You brought it up to show why he should not be held
> >> accountable for it. LOL! You tried to equate a "mistake" Obama's
> >> parents
> >> might have made with one Palin's family (with her as an adult) clearly
> >> made.

> >
> > no, i brought it up right after you said 'I have heard Liberals talking
> > about the hypocrisy on the right on this "issue" but I have not heard
> > any actually making an issue of the pregnancy itself nor the situation
> > surrounding it' to point out (explicitly) that it would be tough for
> > them to make a issue of it without knocking their own candidate's
> > mother.
> >
> > that you can't follow / remember that simple chain of events and are
> > attempting to attach implications to my statement says a whole lot.
> >
> >>>> You are reaching and stretching and twisting trying to find any way
> >>>> to
> >>>> excuse the utter and complete and well documented hypocrisy on the
> >>>> issue
> >>>> of
> >>>> teen pregnancy on the right.
> >>>
> >>> you are demonstrating your poor reading comprehension.
> >>
> >> Ah, that must be it... you really are totally accepting the clear
> >> hypocrisy
> >> but doing so in a really subtle way I am missing. Sigh... whatever.

> >
> > subtle nothing- the problem is you apparently could not comprehend an
> > *explicit* statement i made that it's not politically feasible for
> > liberals to attack palin's family situation given obama's, and somehow
> > attempted to spin that into a ludicrous assertion that i was implying
> > obama needed to 'be held accountable' for something his mother did. it
> > simply is what it is, and there's nothing to 'be held accountable' for
> > (that's another explicit statement, so don't be saying that i'm implying
> > he should be held accountable, eh?).

> This is easy:
> Many folks on the right spoke poorly of the *parents* of teens who got
> pregnant - including in a video I linked for you that you said you chose
> not
> to even watch. These same people on the right are now *not* holding the
> parent of a pregnant teen accountable - if the parent is someone running
> for
> office as a Republican. This shows complete hypocrisy.
> People on the left are not making an issue of the teen pregnancy, at least
> not for the most part (there may be some exceptions) but they are noting
> the
> hypocrisy.

No, they chose to hammer Palin for having 5 kids so she's should be
too busy...this, while overlooking that certain male politicians have even
kids. Gee, no hypocrisy there along the gender line, huh ? It's
than a bit ironic that you, the biggest hypocrite this ng has ever seen (by
far), are talking about *other* people being hypocrites.

> You claimed the people on the left could not point to Palin
> saying she has bad judgment because to do so would imply (maybe) that
> someone in Obama's family had similar bad judgment *before* Barack was
> even
> born! In other words they could not hold the Palin family to the
> standards
> the folks on the right hold families with teen mothers to because someone
> in
> the Obama family made a similar "mistake" when *not* a teen (that I know
> of)
> and did so before Barack was born.
> That is silly. If folks on the left wanted to play the same silly games

They are playing them, you brain dead idiot... as they always have... as
sides always have. That your hypocrisy will allow you to deny the reality of
their existence is to be expected... that's what it means to be a hypocrite

> folks on the right play they could say that Susan shows she is a bad
> mother
> for having a teen get pregnant and this shows poor judgment on her part.
> While some likely will play that stupid game it will not be the norm on
> the
> left...

According to whom? The hypocrite that is Snit? LOL!

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