I have to give IBM, Redhat, Novell, Xandros and other Linux "packagers"
credit for getting in on the ground floor of this scam.

Think about it.

The Linux loons claim Linux is Linux and all these distributions are
basically the kernel, xorg etc so under the covers they are pretty much the

People have been writing this stuff for years, working hard to develop
their software (for whatever reason) and then they contribute to the
community by helping others by giving their work away.

Very noble and novel idea until........

......the big bad wolf IBM, Redhat and potentially every corporation in the
world comes along and is now using this stugf for free, modifying it to
their hearts content, selling support contracts, packaging it and so forth
but NOT really contributing that much.
At least not in the scheme of things.

Look at how Suse jettisoned their free version to OpenSuse.
Look at how Redat more or less did the same with Fedora.

In truth, both of these are test beds where these companies go even one
step further and have a large amount of Lintards testing, debugging and
reporting back to Redhat and Novell thus decreasing THEIR beta testing

I can't believe the Linux community can't see how they are being used and
how certain people/companies are laughing all the way to the bank while
they get an honorable mention in some package list readme file that nobody
ever reads.

The basic is premise is that the free system would be great if everyone was
at the same level.
That's not even near to the case.

It must be a crappy feeling knowing how hard you worked on some program
only to watch the likes of IBM getting rich on it while you languish in the
basement bewildered and wondering what went wrong.

The revolt is 5 years too late IMHO, but it will happen at some point as
the OSS programmers catch on.
Some already have, most have not.

My only regret is that I didn't get in on the ground floor of this

This is like having the local college physics department design you a car
that runs on water and then you turn around and build the car, tool up and
sell them and become a billionaire but never give anything substantial back
to the college.
And if that wasn't bad enough, then you have them design accessories for
the car, even after they have been suckered, and they agree to do it for
free again, of course.

FOSS sure is a racket, if you're in the right place.
BTW the basement 24x7 hacking out code is NOT the right place unless you
plan to copyright and sell it.

Moshe Goldfarb
Collector of soaps from around the globe.
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