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Freedom Fry — "Happy birthday to GNU"

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| Mr. Stephen Fry introduces you to free software, and reminds you of a very
| special birthday.


Stephen Fry punts free software

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| In one of the less likely combinations of talent, Stephen Fry has been called
| in to be part of the 25th anniversary of the GNU operating system. Fry, a
| popular humorist, actor and novelist features in a five-minute long film in
| which he explains the history of free software and its importance in the
| world.


Quote for the day:

"To me, Bill is the great white shark that looks at minnows with no more
consciousness than we look at a plate of food. The shark has no soul. The
shark knows no boundaries. All it has is an appetite. When the shark gets
hungry, it thinks “I’m hungry”, so it eats."

--Mitch Kertzman, former CEO of Sybase


Microsoft Pays $200 for Mentioning Its Tools

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| If you're a professor and you mention Microsoft programming tools in a
| scholarly presentation -- in fact, even if you just use the tools --
| Microsoft will send you a check for $200.


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

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| A couple of years ago you reiterated that IBM was Microsoft's biggest
| competitor and you said not just on the business side, but overall. If I ask
| you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be?
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.


Can Stephen Fry deliver open source to the UK?

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| “The two great pillars of Open Source are the GNU project and Linux. I shan’t
| burden you with too much detail, I’ll just make the outrageous claim that
| your computer will be running some descendant of those two within the next
| five years and that your life will be better and happier as a result.” *
| Fry has previously advocated the adoption of Firefox and discussed the
| problems caused by proprietary music formats, amongst other things.


Deliver us from Microsoft

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| This is a computer designed as an introductory machine for children or
| adults, as well as a simple cheap do-it-all machine along the “One Laptop Per
| Child” model but which is also absolutely ideal as a truly cheap, portable,
| resilient device to slam into a backpack or briefcase. Everything you could
| want is there in free, Open Source form. It does not pretend to cater for the
| power user but, while file management is basic for the average person,
| tuxheads (Linux experts) can go straight to terminal mode and do their stuff.
| Meanwhile, for the rest of us, this is a wonderful little friend who does all
| we need straight out of the box. And it is only the beginning…

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