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Behind the doors of the Free Software Foundation

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| In addition, the FSF is planning to hire a new manager for its End Software
| Patents campaign. In the near future, the FSF may also hire someone to work
| on its high-priority projects, trying to encourage the community to become
| more focused in filling in the gaps in free software.


Patent Manual Stake Holder’s Meet - Chennai

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| With FSF and ILUGC friends, also representing our LoCo Community attended the
| Patent Manual - Stake Holder’s Meet held at Intellectual Property Office,
| Guindy, Chennai.
| The Manual has provisions for bringing in Software Patents in cases what it
| claims to be “Software combined with Hardware”. We expressed our concerns on
| it and the ambiguity over the term used.



Ending Software Patents

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| There are several organizations who are taking on specific bad patents but
| ESP is unique in that it is activitely working toward the abolition of
| software patents in the United States. While the organization is focused on
| work in the US, it's deeply important globally -- much of the world's patent *
| law is "exported" from the US. *


[FSFE PR][EN] FSFE Newsletter

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| A new antitrust case may be undertaken after complaints by Opera Software
| that Microsoft has willfully distorted the web browser marketplace. It's
| also important to note that this does not in any way solve the problem
| with patents on software. Such patents are still being granted by the
| European Patent Office (EPO) in violation of current law, and the FSFE is
| encouraging the European Commission to take actions to permanently abolish
| patents on software, both in theory and practice.


Patents, Microsoft, and the Future

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| Fact: According to the latest annual report on patents released this month,
| the number of patents awarded in 2007 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
| was down a full 9.5 percent from 2006’s all-time high. In addition, some 80
| percent of the companies on the list of top recipients (including IBM,
| repeating for its 14th straight year at the top of the list) received fewer
| patents than they had the year before. Only one American company in the top
| 25 earned more patents in 2007 than it had the year before: Microsoft.

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