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Elgg Offers Educators Safe Open Source Social Networking Platform

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| For the past couple of years I volunteered at my son's elementary school to
| set up blogs for his classroom, but the projects never got off the ground.
| Nervous school IT staff unable to find a platform that offered them the
| privacy and control they wanted, and knew parents would demand, always nixed
| the deal. Elgg, a new open source social networking platform aimed
| specifically at the education market, solves this problem by providing a
| safe, open source alternative to the popular blogging platforms such as
| LiveJournal and Blogger, and the even scarier (at least to them) Facebook and
| MySpace. What's more, Elgg gives users complete control over privacy.


Drupal, Dries, Acquia and Community Contributions

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| Drupal is a fantastic open source content management framework which has been
| getting rave reviews from some of the best industry experts. Dries Buytaert
| is the founder of Drupal. Drupal has reached new heights under the vision of
| Dries and help from a growing developer base.



Dries Buytaert, 29

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| Created as an open-source project by Dries Buytaert, Drupal is a free content
| management framework--a tool for building customized websites quickly and
| easily, without sacrificing features or stability. Site owners can choose
| from a list of possible features: they might, say, want to publish Â*articles,
| offer each user a profile and a blog, or allow users to vote or comment on
| content. All these features are optional, and most are independent of the
| others.


Acquia Expands Technical Team

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| Acquia, a new software company offering commercial support for the Drupal
| social publishing system, today announced the addition of five new
| individuals to its technical team. With these new additions, Acquia, which
| was launched at Drupalcon in March, marks a 50-percent growth in company
| personnel.


Acquia to Ship Commercially Supported Drupal Build

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| Acquia, Drupal founder Dries Buytaert’s new company, took to the stage last
| Thursday at the Launch Pad session at the web 2.0 Expo in SF. Although they
| didn’t win the people’s choice for best startup (this honor went to Triggit),
| their soon to be released Carbon and Spokes programs are still plenty
| enticing.
| [...]
| It can be thought of as the equivalent of Red Hat distributions of Open
| Source Linux in that it’s essentially a commercial supported distribution of
| Open Source software. The benefit of such a system is that it offers users
| all the glories of open source software and community support along with
| business-quality support and response time guarantees.

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