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LiMo Foundation and Open Source Mobile Phones

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| The history of mobile phones has traditionally been a history characterised
| by closed development. In other words, mobile phone handset makers and
| carriers have offered the features and options that they wanted to make
| available and consumers have had to pick and choose between the best of what
| is out there to get a phone that satisfies them. However, we are seeing a
| movement in the mobile world towards a more open source trend.
| [...]
| LiMo Foundation was launched in the beginning of 2007 and grew rapidly within
| its first year. By February 2008, the foundation was able to provide a
| demonstration of LiMo platform technology implemented in eighteen different
| handsets provided by seven different mobile phone vendors. This points to the
| intended widespread function of the platform for a variety of different uses
| within mobile phones.



Join LiMo, avoid a patent pantsing from the big lads

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| For all its talk of openness, just a quarter of the code in the LiMo
| Foundation's mobile platform is open source, making it a minefield to
| navigate in terms of protected patents - 300,000 patents to be precise.
| [...]
| Gillis said LiMo is on track to release the second version of its platform by
| the end of the year, with the software development kits (SDKs) for Native,
| Webkit and Java coming in the fourth quarter. A compliance program is planned
| for SDKs to ensure that applications written using the toolkits can be ported
| across different handsets, although there's no date for this yet.


LiMo Foundation adds new handsets, members

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| Seven new mobile phones have passed the LiMo Foundation's certification
| process, and the group has a few new members to welcome aboard.


Windows Mobile Sales Lower Than Expected

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| Android phones, like the iPhone, are likely to appeal to the consumer market
| more so than enterprise users, which has traditionally been Windows Mobile's
| target. However, that could pose a problem for Microsoft. Hughes recently
| noticed an increase in the number of companies that don't dictate which
| phones employees should use, instead allowing them to make their own buying
| decisions.


LiMo mobile Linux takes on Google and Nokia

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| LiMo’s Linux open software platform seems to be cleaning up as the main
| mobile phone operating system despite the best efforts of Nokia and Google to
| convince the market of their open platform credentials.


Nokia looks beyond Symbian to Linux

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| With a 47.9 percent stake in Symbian, the leading mobile platform that it
| co-founded in 1998 and which today powers some 206 million mobile phones,
| Nokia has long championed it at the expense of rival platforms such as Linux.
| No longer.
| The mobile-phone maker is increasingly selecting Linux for Internet-enabled
| mobile devices, with its CFO declaring of Linux, "It's going to be terribly
| important."


Nokia eyes wider usage of Linux in cellphones

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| "It's going to be terribly important," Nokia's Chief Financial Officer Rick
| Simonson told an investor conference when asked about the role of Linux-based
| tablets.
| He said the company has been developing the next generation of Linux-based
| products, which are starting to come to the market.


Nokia "definitely" preparing Linux-based phones, flavor unknown


Nokia: Linux to become more popular on Mobile Devices


Nokia Income Down but Outlook Rosier

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| Nokia on Thursday reported a net income of €1.1 billion (US$1.75 billion) for
| the second quarter, missing analysts' expectations of €1.26 billion, and down
| 61 percent compared to a year ago.

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