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Mint 5 Revision 1 Mint 5 Revision 1

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| I have written about my brothers Mint system, and it bears repeating here as
| a proof point. My brother is not a computer person, and is not really
| interested in them other than as tools. Since he is a carpenter by trade,
| perhaps that is why to him everything is viewed from a tool-centric point of
| view. I built a computer out of parts that I later installed Ubuntu on and
| gave to him. Later, during a visit, I put Mint 4.0 on it. Last weekend I was
| at his house installing a new stick of RAM. He did not really need it: I just
| came into a spare 1 GB PC2700 stick from my mom and I thought it might fit
| his computer. It did, and now he has 2 GB RAM. Can you say "Disk Cache"?
| In all the time he has had that computer, other than the time I had to
| replace his hard drive and update his video card, he has never called me
| about it. He and his wife have surfed the net, read email, taken classes at
| school, done papers in OpenOffice.org, etc. He doesn't even really see any
| reason to come up to Mint 5... or 5r1. It does everything he needs already.
| There is one big reason I have a tendency to put Mint everywhere. I don't
| have to support it. Stark contrast to when he and others in the family had
| MSWin systems.


Ubuntu Works!

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| The joy of free software. All I had to do is pull out a blank CD and make a
| copy for her. No fuss, no muss, no shrink-wrap licenses or fees.
| And knowing that I've got at least one Live CD that just ups and runs on the
| school's computers feels really good.



Linux Mint 5.0 Light Review

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| This month’s Linux Format Magazine had Linux Mint as one of the Linux distros
| on the DVD. *I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about this Ubuntu-based
| distro. *So Mint is based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian. *Why not just
| base Linux Mint off of Debian? *Ok, so given that it’s based off of Ubuntu
| and Ubuntu is becoming synonymous with Linux because it’s so easy to use, why
| would you want to use Linux Mint?


Review: Linux Mint 5 Elyssa XFCE Community Edition RC1

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| After spending the day tinkering with Linux Mint 5 Xfce CE, I have to say
| this is a GREAT Linux distro. I prefer Xfce over GNOME and KDE because in my
| opinion, GNOME and KDE use too much memory and CPU power, while Xfce is much
| lighter on resources. There are other desktop environments which are even
| lighter than Xfce, but they aren’t as useful or as stable as Xfce. I am a
| little disappointed that Exaile and Gnomebaker are installed by default; I
| prefer Rhythmbox over Exaile and Sound Juicer over Gnomebaker. I give this a
| 9.5 out of 10


I'm A Believer

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| I just wanted to share with you all my life changing experience. *I always
| trusted Microsoft and Microsoft only. *For the life of me, I couldn't figure
| out why people talked of Linux as though it were the best thing since the
| Tenga devices. *Finally, my curiosity was peaked and I purposed in my mind to
| install a dual boot - Windows XP and Linux - the next time I reformatted my
| hard drive. *That day came two days ago.
| XP Took some time to install, what with Microsoft Updates and what not. *I
| made sure I left a small partition of about 80 GBs of space for Linux. *When
| the time came to install Linux, I was amazed at how simple it was to do so.
| A few questions, a couple of administrative settings, and I was well on my
| way. *The OS was installed in almost no time at all. *I had little to no
| problem configuring different aspects of Linux, which was surprising
| considering it was my first time EVER working with it. *Upon connection to
| the internet, I found that Linux had 104 updates waiting for download and
| install. *I accepted and that too took little time to complete. *And to my
| surprise, I didn't have to install the Grub interface. *The version of Linux
| I had apparently had that added into the install. *Everything seemed
| seamless.
| The version of Linux I'm using is Linux Mint 5.0 RC1. *I have to say, I can
| see why people love Linux and it's deceptively simple interface. *Just a few
| minutes of piddling around and I found myself considering Linux as a Primary
| OS.
| [...]
| To the fellow diehard fans of XP, I can assure you, Linux will not
| disappoint. *In fact, I'm writing this post in the Linux OS.


Distro Review: Linux Mint 5 Elyssa

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| Overall I would say Mint 5 is more a case of evolution than revolution, there
| are of course improvements here which are welcome but it feels more a case of
| fine tuning things than adding big new features. The distro already does so
| much that it's hard to see what new features are really needed, though I'm
| sure the developers have plans. It should also be noted that this is based on
| Ubuntu 8.04 which is an LTS release and itself could be considered quite
| conservative on the feature front, it's about stability and consolidation
| which makes sense.


Linux Mint 5

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| Some of my clients are non-profit companies that don’t have a lot of extra
| funds or could use existing funds in a different way instead of spending it
| on software licensing.
| So, how does Mint answer those questions? *Extremely well, actually.


A Date with Elyssa

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| After dating Cassandra and Daryna, I spend some time with the newest Mint
| girl in town. Elyssa is her name or you can simply call her Mint 5.
| [...]
| With Elyssa, Linux Mint has cemented its place as my top rated distro for
| Linux newbies particularly those who have just migrated from Windows. It is
| so easy to use that you can call it Ubuntu for dummies. Plus, it is filled
| with necessary tools and applications that make desktop computing a breeze.
| All in all, Elyssa is yet another successful release for Mint. No wonder why
| Mint is really on the rise and has now overtaken some of the most popular
| Linux distributions.


Review: Linux Mint 5

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| One of the hallmark Linux distributions for new users that we've been very
| pleased with has been Linux Mint. *As I've said before, it's built on Ubuntu
| and is essentially "Ubuntu done right". *With the introduction of version 5,
| Linux Mint has upped its previous level of perfection (as though they had far
| to go) and created an even better distribution than before.

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