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How to Buy a Mini-laptop

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| The Acer opening screen I just referred to is based on Linux, and the Aspire
| one comes with the Linpus Linux Lite OS, which is very user friendly. I've
| used Windows for most of my life but switching to Linux to try out the Aspire
| one was smooth and easy.
| Most of the netbooks I tested with Linux OSs booted up far faster than
| Windows XP or Windows Vista (I would not buy a netbook with Vista, it's just
| too slow).
| There are also free Linux-based word processing programs, spreadsheets etc.
| available on the Internet such as Open Office, Google Pack, which includes
| Sun's StarOffice or Web-based software such as Google Apps.


PC makers rethink preloaded software

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| PC BOX BUILDERS are thinking of getting rid of the tradition of stuffing your
| new PC or laptop with trial software that you don’t really want anyway.
| The reason is that some retailers, such as Best Buy, are making a small
| fortune removing the software and charging punters for the privilege.


This will ruin Microsoft's price 'advantage' (buyers' disadvantage).

"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft generally signals
publicly -- and their customers are using it..."

--Paul DeGroot, a Directions On Microsoft analyst.


Linux preinstalls rocket to three per cent

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| Microsoft is still be shipped with 93 per cent of all PCs sold through
| distribution in the UK, according to Context.
| Yet Linux has nevertheless made an impressive gain.


Dell UK launches systems with preinstalled Ubuntu Linux

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| Dell is now selling selected systems with Ubuntu 8.0.4, Hardy Heron,
| pre-installed in the United Kingdom . Ubuntu has been an option some Dell
| systems in the past, but only in the United States. Dell is pre-installing
| Ubuntu on the XPS M3110 and Inspiron 1525n laptops and the Inspiron 530n
| desktop system.

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