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Wind River to buy mobile Linux software company MIZI for up to $16M

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| Wind River has signed an agreement to acquire the South Korean software
| company MIZI Research Inc. for up to $16 million in cash, Wind River said
| Thursday.
| MIZI Research develops mobile application platforms based on the Linux
| operating system. Founded in 1999, the company has headquarters in Seoul and
| 65 employees.


Wind River buys Mizi Research

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| Wind River announced it will acquire a Korean developer of Linux mobile GUI
| stacks. The $16 million acquisition of privately-held Mizi Research will
| bring Wind River "world-class mobile expertise" and will "accelerate its
| mobile services presence in Asia Pacific," says the company.



VxWorks, Wind River Linux To Support Intel EP80579

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| Intel's new EP80579 Integrated Processor product line is compatible with
| VxWorks 6.6 operating system and Wind River Linux 2.0.


Datalight Flash File System Boosts Performance for Users of Wind River Linux

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| Datalight announced today that it has released new versions of Reliance and
| FlashFX Pro with preconfigured support for Wind River Linux.


Wind River spins MID Linux

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| Wind River is readying a vertical-market Linux distribution specifically for
| MIDs (mobile Internet devices). Wind River Linux Platform for Mobile Internet
| Devices is the company's second "Platform" product to target Intel's Atom
| processor, and its second developed in collaboration with Intel, it says.


Test automation suite targets embedded Linux developers

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| Wind River has announced a test automation framework aimed at streamlining
| the software quality assurance process for embedded Linux developers. Wind
| River Test Management (WRTM) enables development teams to plan and execute
| tests, perform fact-based analysis, and rapidly resolve testing issues, says
| the company.


Wind River readies virtualization stack

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| Wind River will enter the virtualization software market, focusing on
| networking, consumer electronics, and industrial automation, it said. The
| company will in August begin beta-testing a hypervisor and tools aimed at
| letting customers flexibly deploy Linux, VxWorks, and other RTOSes
| symmetrically or asymmetrically on one or multiple physical processor cores.


Wind River, Intel ride Linux into car market

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| Intel and Wind River Systems have teamed up to create a Linux/x86 platform
| for car electronics, which will debut at the Telematics Detroit 2008
| conference today (May 20). The offering is based on Intel's low-power Atom
| processor and a new variant of Wind River's embedded Linux.


Linux Soon to be in your Car

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| Thanks to a new joint effort between Intel and Wind River, you may soon be
| running Linux in your car.


Intel and Wind River driving Linux infotainment systems to cars

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| Linux is in our computers, our phones, our Wi-Fi equipment, and our TiVos —
| why not our cars? Intel Corp. and Wind River have been working with both the
| embedded and automotive industries to advance in-vehicle infotainment (IVI)
| with open, Linux-based, standards-based, interoperable hardware and software
| called Open Infotainment Platforms (OIP).

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