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Running gOS 3 Beta from USB stick

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| The San Francisco-based company announced the details of gOS 3 Gadgets, the
| newest version of its Linux operating system for consumers, this month. The
| main feature of gOS 3 Gadgets is its ability to instantly launch Google
| Gadgets for Linux on start-up, allowing users access to more than 100,000
| iGoogle and Google Gadgets applications.
| The new distribution gOS 3 Gadgets BETA is based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 and is able
| to interact with Google Documents, Calendar and Mail. The newest release of
| WINE 1.0 is included to now support thousands of Windows software. The new
| operation system will also be loaded with Lightweight X Desktop Environment
| (LXDE) and other Google software for Linux to improve the user experience.



Fedora on a stick

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| Fedora 9 now lets you create a bootable Linux distribution on a flash drive
| with persistence. In other words, you can not only boot any PC that will
| accept USB drive booting into Linux, you can even boot into your own personal
| desktop. Now, that can be useful.


An Advocacy Story: Cloning Bootable USB Sticks for the Audience

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| I strongly believe that spreading GNU/Linux on usb sticks is a highly
| effective advocacy strategy. For example, it renders the debate about which
| OS to pre-install pointless if hardware vendors can be persuaded to sell
| diskless computers.
| [...]
| But be warned: it's also highly addictive to do this cloning work for people.
| I would really buy 12 more usb hubs and ask every class of my students to
| hand over 47 usb sticks that I can clone in one shot for them if current
| shortage was not a problem...


Virus : A paralysed object on GNU/Linux

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| Recently I faced two incidents when I had to format my flash drive as it
| would simply refuse to open at all just because it was infected with some
| nasty viruses from my office computers.
| [...]
| Revenge taken, justice done to the innocent looking little evils, thanks to
| my PCLinuxOS : )


Mandriva's Linux on a stick will wow all the ladies this Summer

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| Mandriva also includes its Control Center app which makes fiddling with
| settings and administering you machine much easier than the default KDE
| panels. Another nice touch is that the default Firefox page leads to a
| collection of resources and links for optimizing Mandriva.

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