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ASUS Eee PC 901

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| While we love the hardware and build quality that makes up the ASUS Eee PC
| 901, we are not exactly fond of the Xandros Linux operating system that
| powers this notebook. The improvements done by ASUS to this Linux
| distribution make it very easy to use, but for anyone that has any level of
| expertise with Linux or even an experienced computer user may find this
| operating system too limited. ASUS doesn't block access to the terminal or
| prevent you from adding in additional Debian package repositories, but if you
| intend on customizing the Xandros installation you might as well switch to
| the distribution of your choice.


Acer Aspire One Linux OS

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| Last week we looked at one of the better Netbooks around - the Acer Aspire
| One. There are currently two versions of this model in the market - the
| Windows XP-based version, which we recently tested, and a lower-priced
| Linux-based one.
| Today we'll look at the highly customized Operating System in the Aspire One,
| which claims to make Linux user-friendly for the common man.


"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft generally signals
publicly -- and their customers are using it..."

--Paul DeGroot, a Directions On Microsoft analyst.


The rise of the all-conquering Liliputer

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| The number of models of "Liliputer" - low-cost ultraportable PCs running
| Windows or Linux - has exploded to more than 100 in less than a year,
| according to Liliputing.com, a site put together by the freelance journalist
| Brad Linder.



How will Linux win the OS wars? From the bottom up!

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| So therefore, best way to win the war of the operating systems is not to go
| after the high end market. *


Low-cost laptops make PC makers mull margins

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| “Computers have been an exception. If you look at consumer electronics, a DVD
| player was about $800 10 years ago – now they sell for $20,” she says. “The
| [computer] industry has been able to keep the price flat by focusing on
| gazillion-gigahertz machines running really bloated software and that’s
| worked for years since the IBM PC revolution.” * *
| [...]
| OLPC found a strong uptake for a “give one, get one” campaign it launched in
| North America in November. It discovered consumers were willing to pay $400
| for an XO – the price meant another XO would be given free to a
| developing-world child. It is now launching OLPC America to extend the cheap
| laptop concept for children in the US. * *


Linux Has Won, Windows is Gone

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| Sorry Windows you have already lost this battle. There is no way to reverse
| this and no amount of incentives that Microsoft can offer to convince people
| and governments that they will be safe if they switch back to Windows. Lets
| be honest here for a moment. Would your trust America's nuclear technologies
| to be run on Windows? What happens when it bluescreens, yeah you get my point
| don't you? * *

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