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Proprietary Innovation Strikes Again

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| There are two stories posted on Linux Today that I knew I was going to rant
| about as soon as I saw them:
| Nominum Solves Kaminsky Attack, and Novell's iPrint Open to Attack, Say
| Researchers. What do these stories have in common? I was thinking perhaps
| institutionalized delusional thinking and incompetence, but maybe I'm being
| too harsh.
| [...]
| Lest anyone think I am being too mean to poor old defenseless Novell and
| Microsoft, I recall ActiveX security advisories almost from its inception
| back in 1996 or so. What has changed since then, twelve years later? Nothing,
| as this random recent security bulletin shows:
| "Microsoft has released Security Advisory (955179) to describe attacks on
| a vulnerability in the Microsoft Office Snapshot Viewer ActiveX control.
| Because no fix is currently available for this vulnerability, please see
| the Security Advisory and US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#837785 for
| workarounds."
| So we need to revise the popular "fool me once" saying:
| Fool me once, shame on you
| Fool me twice, shame on me
| Fool me thousands of times over many years...let's get married!"
| Now why is it again that corporate participation is important to FOSS?


Lawyer Falls Prey to Pricey Internet Scam

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| Atlanta securities lawyer Gregory Bartko said he is the victim of an Internet
| fraud scheme that is apparently targeting law firms throughout the country
| and the banks where lawyers have their escrow accounts.
| As a result, Bartko is now a defendant in a federal suit by Wachovia Bank --
| which is seeking reimbursement for nearly $200,000 that the bank wired, on
| Bartko's instructions, to a Korean bank on behalf of a company that had hired
| Bartko via the Internet.
| [...]
| On April 11, shortly after 10 a.m., Bartko returned to Wachovia and arranged
| to wire $192,530 to the Woori Bank. Three days later, on April 14, Bartko
| said he discovered that his escrow account reflected a debit of $197,530.


Hackers resort to 'sick' kidnap spam

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| The security firm is warning users that emails entitled 'We have hijacked
| your baby' are being sent to Web users around the globe. As well as asking
| for a US$50,000 ransom for the 'release' of the child, the messages also
| contain an attachement supposed to be a photograph of the child. Instead the
| file actually contains a deadly Trojan Horse that will steal personal
| information.


"Spam will be a thing of the past in two years’ time."

--Bill Gates, 2004

"There are no significant bugs in our released software that any significant
number of users want fixed."

--Bill Gates, 1995

"The Internet? We are not interested in it."

--Bill Gates, 1993

"Like almost everyone who uses e-mail, I receive a ton of spam every day. Much
of it offers to help me get out of debt or get rich quick. It would be funny
if it weren't so irritating."

--Bill Gates


What is the speed of spam? 7.8 billion messages per hour!

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| Spam volumes have doubled, and the Srizbi botnet alone was seen to be capable
| of pumping out an astonishing 7.8 billion messages an hour. That is probably
| worth repeating: 7.8 BILLION spams every single hour!

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