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Migration to Fedora

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| Every time when user wants to try something different, many unanswered
| questions raised. Is is good? Why should I migrate, I am satisfied from my
| operating system now. Could I lose data on my computer? Is it possible just
| to see that thing and if I like it I would give it a try?
| Yes, now it is possible. Take a virtual migration tour with screenshots in
| just a few clicks. Do not try anything until you liked it! When you are
| completely sure about that, then you would migrate on real.


Like Spread Firefox, but Spread Fedora instead.


How Can We Harness the Firefox Effect?

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| Three things are striking about the recent launch of Firefox 3. First, the
| unanimity about the quality of the code: practically everyone thinks it's
| better in practically every respect. Secondly, the way in which the
| mainstream media covered its launch: it was treated as a normal, important
| tech story – gone are the days of supercilious anecdotes about those wacky,
| sandal-wearing free software anoraks. And finally – and perhaps most
| importantly - the scale and intensity of participation by the millions of
| people who have downloaded the software in the last week.


Guiness World Record Certificate in your name - Firefox 3

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| The record is 15,067,570 downloads (15 Million). Country wise, USA tops the
| list with a whooping 4 million + downloads. Surprisingly, sans the US,
| relatively small countries like Iran and France clocked more downloads than
| its larger counterparts like India and China.
| If you are one of the people who downloaded Firefox on June 17th, then
| congratulations !!; You are a part of the Guiness Book of World Records. And
| the people at Firefox are ever too grateful to forget your valuable
| contribution.

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