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The rise of the all-conquering Liliputer

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| The number of models of "Liliputer" - low-cost ultraportable PCs running
| Windows or Linux - has exploded to more than 100 in less than a year,
| according to Liliputing.com, a site put together by the freelance journalist
| Brad Linder.


"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft generally signals
publicly -- and their customers are using it..."

--Paul DeGroot, a Directions On Microsoft analyst.


Intel & Microsoft Killed the $100 Laptop

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| The article points that the stand taken by Intel and Microsoft is similar to
| the stand by large drug companies who, instead of working for the illnesses
| that plague the poor, (such as malaria) choose to focus on low-volume,
| high-margin drugs for cancer, heart ailments and diabetes.


Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


Microsoft 'Caves' To Intel


Intel Backstabs Microsoft by Abandoning Vista

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| The news that Intel has decided it won't upgrade its PCs to Vista must be
| especially bitter for Microsoft because court documents show that Microsoft
| may have launched its ill-fated "junk PC" Vista scheme at the behest of
| Intel. Is this the kind of payback that Microsoft expected?


Intel won't touch Vista

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| So that leaves two other choices, Linux and Mac. Linux is a distinct
| possibility, they already have an in-house distro that causes employees look
| nervously around the room when you talk about it. Although it is not a
| desktop variant, there is no reason that they could not roll one given two
| years.


Otellini: 'MID revolution will be centred round Linux'

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| Intel CEO says Microsoft's insistence on pushing Vista will hand market to
| open source rival
| Intel's CEO has said that he sees the revolution that is about to happen
| around mobile internet devices (MID) such as the Eee PC and other Atom-based
| sub-notebooks will be "centred round Linux", in an interview with Associated
| Press.


EU files new charges against Intel

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| European Union antitrust regulators made new accusations against chipmaker
| Intel on Thursday, saying it paid retailers to not sell PCs using chips made
| by rival Advanced Micro Devices.


Intel "paid vendors not to use AMD"

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| AMD filed suit in Delaware against Intel in June of 2005, accusing its
| competitor of abusing its monopolistic position. The complaint charges that
| customers were forced not to use AMD processors. At that time the Japanese
| anti-trust body was investigating Intel and the EU Commission also had its
| eye on Intel's behaviour.

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