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Microsoft plans Apple event spoiler?

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| The Mac rumour machine is predicting Apple will introduce new products at a
| special event on 9 September - but now it appears Microsoft plans to flex its
| muscle to spoil Apple's game.


Microsoft sabotaged PlayStation 3 launch parties around the world.

Apple iPhone ad banned

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| The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an ad for the iPhone
| which promised users access to "all parts of the Internet" on their Apple
| device.


Apple tried open source defence in ad case

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| Say what? So, to translate: "We at Apple only want to use open standards. We
| won't include stuff we can't control. It's for the user's own good. Even if
| they can't access all the intarwebs as promised. Unless they're using Safari
| on the desktop, in which case this argument doesn't apply." Is that about
| right? If so, it's certainly a thought-provoking approach to take...


"I am convinced we have to use Windows – this is the one thing they don’t have.
We have to be competitive with features, but we need something more — Windows
--Jim Allchin, Microsoft


Apple goes auntie over slasher comic

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| the application because it breaches their SDK license, serving up content
| that "...in Apple's reasonable judgment may be found objectionable". The
| problem is that this restriction only applies to applications. Dodgy movies,
| episodes of South Park or even The Breakfast Club are perfectly acceptable
| iTunes content.


Apple Takes the "Tris" Out of iPhone Tetris

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| Now a student named Noah Witherspoon that created an iPhone Tetris knock-off
| called simply "Tris," has been threatened with legal action by The Tetris
| Company. In what he refers to as "petty bullying," the company had Apple
| contact Witherspoon and had him pull the game from the iTunes App Store.
| Apple even told him that they'd take action themselves if he didn't comply.


Days ago:

OpenClip, she is dead

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| For those of you who do not remember - or do not care to remember - OpenClip
| was supposed to be an open framework for implementing the Cocoa NSPasteboard
| functionality to the iPhone. While I’m thinking that if Apple wanted to
| implement copy/paste into the iPhone they would have done it already or will
| do it soon, OpenClip was a noble effort to work around the limitations of OS
| X on the iPhone.


Why does Apple Always Seem to Get a Break???

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| Linux. This is the only platform that is not a prison. You are really free
| with Linux. People are congregating at will, building creative new
| structures. Yeah – maybe it isn’t as pretty as the luxury hotel prison that
| is Apple, but at least we are free. In the end it isn’t prison walls that win
| in technology. CompuServe and AOL were beaten by the internet. Centrally
| controlled mainframes were killed by the PC. Over time the best technology
| comes from innovation in unexpected places and while we are occasionally
| wooed by the pretty sounds of “You’ve Got Mail” or the stunning design of a
| new iPhone; we have all seen this movie before and know how it ends.


Steve Jobs thinks he is disabled

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| APPLE MESSIAH Steve Jobs has been a bit sick lately but according to US
| gossip reports it could be a lot worse than anyone thought.
| The sultan of smug has been seen parking his motor in a disabled carparks in
| Palo-Alto much to the horror of Apple fans who believe him to be capable of
| healing the sick with his beautiful entertainment toys.

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