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Firefox 3.1 "three times faster" than predecessor

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| Firefox 3.1 could run web apps almost three times faster than previous
| version, according to the Mozilla Foundation.



Firefox 3.1 Alpha 1 now available for download

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| The first developer milestone of the next release of Firefox - code named
| Shiretoko Alpha 1 - is now available for download. Shiretoko is built on
| pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.1 platform, which forms the core of rich
| internet applications such as Firefox. Please note that this release is
| intended for developers and testers only.


New tab switching added for Firefox 3.1

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| Press Ctrl + Tab (or Shift + Ctrl + Tab) and you are presented with tab
| thumbnails and titles with the most recently visited ones first so you can
| more easily determine which tab you want to go, have the one you most
| probably want to go closer, and as a result get to it faster. Hold Ctrl
| pressed and keep pressing Tab to see the thumbnails smoothly scroll to the
| left while the status bar displays the tab web address.


Firefox is King

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| Mozilla Firefox is now the king of all browsers. --At least based on the web
| traffic data gathered from junauza.com and from a popular tech blog by known
| Windows Vista fanboy user Jeff Atwood. Firefox tops all other web browsers
| and most importantly kicked its archrival Internet Explorer out of the
| highest position.


Firefox 3.1 alpha 1 code freeze is next Monday

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| Firefox 3 has only recently shipped but the first public milestone for its
| successor is fast approaching. Â*The Mozilla team is expecting that the code
| freeeze for alpha 1 of Firefox 3.1, code named Shiretoko, will be next Monday
| and that alpha 1 be available for early adopter testing on July 25.


Mozilla pitches Firefox 3.1 alpha for July release

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| Just a week after Mozilla shipped Firefox 3.0, the open-source developer has
| proposed ship dates for the next version that, if approved, would produce an
| alpha release next month and a final no later than early 2009.


Firefox 3.1 (Shiretoko) planned features draft

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| A very early draft of planned features reveals that as expected, this release
| will be mainly about landing stuff that didn’t make it on time for the
| Firefox 3, along with the usual performance, stability and security bug
| fixes.
| Visual tab switching and tab searching/filtering were both tried for Firefox
| 3, abandoned for other more critical features, and are being considered for
| 3.1. Ctrl+Tab, a extension developed by Dao Gottwald implements both of them
| displaying a thumbnail of the opened tabs when pressing Ctrl + Tab to switch
| tabs.


Mozilla targets Firefox 3.1 release for later this year

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| Although Mozilla hasn't even released the final version of Firefox 3.0, its
| developers are already hammering out plans for the next edition, which may
| come as soon as late 2008, according to posts written by company executives.


Developers: Firefox 3.1 Update Should Be "Easy"

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| The release of Firefox 3.0 has been a resounding success, but for some the
| upgrade path has been less than painless. The latest version of the open
| source browser differed enough from previous versions that many add-ons had
| to be substantially rewritten before they would work with the new release.
| And just when the dust appeared to be clearing, Firefox 3.1 is on the
| horizon.

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