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Open Source Unified Communications: More than Digium

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| [O]ne thing is clear: Much like Linux vs. closed source, the unified
| communications market is heading for an open source vs. closed source
| showdown over the next few years.


Opentape Sticks It to RIAA with Open Source Muxtape

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| With web music fan favorite Muxtape currently out of commission due to “a
| problem with the RIAA,” an open source — if no more legal — alternative has
| appeared: Opentape. Opentape describes itself as “a free, open-source package
| that lets you make and host your own mixtapes on the web.” Or, in other
| words, a Muxtape clone that’s free and open source.



Unison Technologies Releases Unison(TM) for Ubuntu(TM) to Bring Unified
Communications to Linux

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| Unison Technologies today announced a wide-ranging partnership to bring
| unified communications to Linux. Unison, the first fully-unified
| communications software, will run both on Ubuntu Server and - with a
| just-released beta version - on Ubuntu Desktop Edition.


Ubuntu gets into unified comms, chides Microsoft

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| Canonical has signed an agreement with Unison Technologies to offer a
| complete unified communications suite for small to medium-sized firms running
| Ubuntu Linux.


Open Source Meets Unified Communications

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| Watch out, Cisco. Move over, *Microsoft. Unified communications and the
| Asterisk open source platform are on a collision course. In fact, *a startup
| called Worxbox hopes to accelerate that convergence. Here’s why anyone
| interested in the unified communications market should care. *
| In recent months, Asterisk has transitioned into the mainstream. More and
| more businesses and universities are embracing Asterisk as an open source PBX
| replacement to traditional phone systems. *
| Digium, one of Asterisk’s strongest backers, recently won a global
| distribution deal that should allow the IP PBX to accelerate its worldwide
| acceptance. *


Everything in Unison on Linux

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| Software developer Unison has launched what it claimed is the world's first
| fully-unified communications suite based on Linux.


SMEs to be offered cut-price Linux-based unified comms platform

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| A Linux-based unified communications platform will be launched at next
| month's CeBIT show in Germany. The software-based beta solution will be
| available for firms to download from next month. *

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