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Microsoft secretly paid for ads for Independent Institute

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| Microsoft paid for newspaper ads claiming to represent the independent views
| of 240 academic experts who said the government's antitrust case against the
| software giant was hurting consumers.
| The story "Microsoft secretly paid for ads for Independent Institute"
| published September 18, 1999 at 5:30 AM is no longer available on CNET
| News.com.


"I am convinced we have to use Windows – this is the one thing they don’t have.
We have to be competitive with features, but we need something more — Windows
--Jim Allchin, Microsoft


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| As you see, it's in French but it is short and sweet. It refers to an
| article published in the Swiss newspaper Le Temps on Monday (available for a
| payment of 2.50 Swiss francs.) But I find the Le Monde article
| sufficient and can offer a translation:
| 1,445: number of students in the world paid by Microsoft to
| promote favourable speech in their universities
| "How Microsoft has infiltrated the Swiss universities" was the
| title of the Monday Le Temps. The Genevean newspaper pointed to
| these students charged with "forging links with their peers and
| the professors" to improve the image of Bill Gates' firm in the
| universities. The program "Microsoft Student Partners" is not at
| all clandestine, it has an official Website at
| "http://student-partners.com". It is no longer at all local: the
| 1,445 students at the service of Microsoft are active in 102
| countries. In France, more than 100 students carry the title MSP
| and correspond with the Microsoft teams during their whole time in
| school. These French students have actively participated in the
| launch of the Vista operating system, organising 87 conferences
| and stands, leading 17 training sessions and moderating 42 blogs.

Microsoft Pays $200 for Mentioning Its Tools

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| If you're a professor and you mention Microsoft programming tools in a
| scholarly presentation -- in fact, even if you just use the tools --
| Microsoft will send you a check for $200. *

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