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Microsoft "regrets" Mac-to-PC ad

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| Microsoft, in the wake of an Apple Computer ad campaign to woo Windows users,
| briefly ran a similar ad of its own.
| An ad, titled "Confessions of a Mac to PC convert," was posted to Microsoft's
| Web site last week. The article purports to be a first-person account of a
| writer who decided to switch from an Apple Macintosh computer to a PC running
| Windows XP.


MS kills another clip-art fan rave

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| Microsoft has yanked another of its fraudulent user testimonials, in this
| case a fictitious twelve-year-old boy raving about a fictional homework
| assignment and the indespensable insights he received from MS Encarta
| Reference Library in preparing it.


They f* up the press as well.

Investigators call on Microsoft

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| The contracts, signed with companies such as Walt Disney, PointCast, and CNN,
| have received intense scrutiny from federal and state regulators, the Senate
| Judiciary Committee, and the European Commission. (CNET, publisher of
| NEWS.COM, also has signed a contract with Microsoft.)


OS/2 ISP Mailing List

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| Microsoft employee's move against AOL backfires
| By Melanie Austria Farmer, Staff Writer, CNET News.com
| August 13, 1999, 9:00 a.m. PT
| A Microsoft programmer apparently masqueraded as an
| independent computer consultant in an effort to discredit
| America Online's tactics and behavior in its instant
| messaging battle with Microsoft, according to reports.


MS targets Linux, Mac rivals with IIS astroturf

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| In total, we're three-quarters of the way to collecting the full set, from
| various concerned correspondents, and were whimsically thinking of trading
| them with you. Can you swap us a Mac OS X vulnerability for a couple of PHP
| Engine Disable Source Viewing Vulnerabilities? We've lots of those... But
| most correspondents point out the first two on the list. And almost all such
| letters continue the theme: "It doesn't matter what system you are running,
| if you don't keep up to date you will be hit."
| Microsoft surely gave an honest answer yesterday, by tacitly accepting that
| IIS has a unique problem (or combination of problems), that they recognize
| it, and are taking steps to fix it with a rewrite. But we fear that this kind
| of Astroturf will continue for a while yet.

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