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TouchKit: Open Source Multi-Touch

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| TouchKit comprises both hardware and software components. On the software
| side, the API is implemented as an addon to OpenFrameworks. This gives it
| cross-platform compatibility with OS X, Windows, and Linux, though you're
| going to need to be comfortable hacking around in a pre-release C++ framework
| to make use of it. The software is licensed LGPLv3.


This idea was implement years ago by several independent groups using GNU/Linux
(see below). Microsoft played catch-up, as usual.


Microsoft's Robbie Bach 'thought about killing' Surface

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| "I didn't have a clear line of sight on what the business model was," Bach
| said. "I was always asking myself whether we could afford to keep it."
| Surface did have one important cheerleader: Bill Gates.


Microsoft Rips off Researchers at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona

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| Recently while on vacation I was flipping channels and came across a
| channel called “current TV”, what caught my eye was a *computer *booting
| to Kubuntu. This computer looked remarkably like Microsoft’s new
| Surface touch table. Funny thing is the reactable has been around
| over three years and research has been going on much longer than that.


Jeff Han's Research Ripped by Microsoft Surface?

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| Jeff Han, consulting research scientist for NYU's Department of
| Computer Science, developed a multi-touch interactive graphical
| interface, which he presented at the TED conference over a year
| ago. His research turned into its own company, Perceptive Pixel.
| Now it seems Microsoft completely ripped the idea and created
| Microsoft Surface.


Microsoft Surface idea not that new?

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| An attached PC, running Linux and Reactrix software, calculates the
| location and movement of an object interrupting the beam and enables
| the system to allow a basic interaction with projected content.


Microsoft's Surface is evidence that Redmond is losing it

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| Basically, Microsoft is thinking that we will interact with our
| computers like Tom Cruise in the movie Minority Report. *That is,
| that we will zing objects around with our fingers on a display that
| interacts with whatever you put on it. *While on the surface, this
| seems like a cool idea, *I think it shows a lack of foresight on
| their part.

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