"But chances are, if they picked up a gOS equipped machine, Mom and Dad would
have no idea they were running Linux. Like the Xandros distro that Asus
packages with the EeePC, gOS doesn't trumpet its open source credentials or
advertise its infinite customization options. It just works."


"The developers of gOS may not be purists, but that's OK because neither is 99
percent of the PC buying world. And if you've always wanted to get your
(supported) Windows apps running on Linux, gOS has just about the easiest
setup you could hope for."

"In the end, we have no doubt that gOS will ruffle some feathers, but we also
have no doubt that Mom and Dad won't care one bit as they sit in the Maldives
emailing "wish you were here" pictures of the beach from their new
gOS-equipped netbook."