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Durusau and the art of losing the argument

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| Unlike editors as Durusau Microsoft standardisation participants are loyal
| drones of their company's standard they edit. SC34 won't be able to do
| anything which is not approved or developed in the United States. External
| input would be ignored unless there is a leverage. We saw it during the
| process. "Vendor capture" as we call it. The whole situation makes a joke out
| of international standardisation institutions. ISO should be as concerned as
| industry veterans are.
| So why surrender to perpetrators because Durusau finds it more cozy? I have
| to admit, that is the wrong question. The true evil ISO perpetrator is IBM, a
| company behind everything...


ODF is not IBM. Classic FUD!


A Memo to Patrick Durusau

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| That particular meeting was followed by an anonymous smear campaign against
| one of the TC members. A letter was faxed to the organization of the TC
| member in question, accusing the TC member in question of helping politicize
| the issue (which is, of course, untrue). I too had the dubious pleasure of
| hearing first hand how Microsoft attempted to remove me from the TC (they did
| not succeed, thanks to integrity and cojones of the organization I am
| affiliated with).
| If this unethical behaviour by Microsoft was not sufficiently despicable,
| they did the unthinkable by involving politics in what should have been a
| technical evaluation of the standard by writing to the head of the Malaysian
| standards organization and getting its business partners to engage in a
| negative letter writing campaign to indicate lack of support of ODF in the
| Malaysian market. Every single negative letter on ODF received by the
| Malaysian standards organization was written either by Microsoft, or a
| Microsoft business partner or a Microsoft affiliated organization (Initiative
| for Software Choice and IASA).

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