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3 Things in Linux you should NOT Install

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| Entirely too often, I see people on LinuxQuestions.org asking how to
| configure one of these or why they will not work. So, in no particular order,
| 3 Things you should NOT Install:
| 1. RedHat 9. For that matter, you should not install any of the “classic”
| RedHats. They’re old and outdated. If you want commercially supported,
| look at RHEL. For free RedHat-like distributions, look at CentOS (Server)
| and Fedora Core (Workstation). If you run a RedHat 9 server that faces the
| internet, there is a good chance you will get rooted. It is NOT supported
| for security or otherwise.


It's amazing that Microsoft's best O/S is about 7 years old. Meanwhile, even
PC-BSD blows Vista out of the water with OpenSSH, Compiz-Fusion, KDE desktop,

Interview with Kris Moore, PC-BSD lead developer

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| The so-called "distribution for the average Joe" market has been expanding at
| a rapid pace in recent years. While the vast majority of these projects is
| invariably based on Linux, we have also witnessed a few attempts to create a
| user-friendly "distribution" based on operating systems that traditionally
| belonged to the hacker's domain, notably FreeBSD and OpenSolaris. One of them
| is PC-BSD, a project launched in 2005. Its main goal? To hide the complexity
| of FreeBSD and to deliver an alternative to Linux on the desktop. Its main
| claim to fame? The web-based software installation infrastructure called PBI.



Screenshots *PC-BSD 1.5.1


Review: PC-BSD 1.5 *

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| PC-BSD, a strong contender for the top desktop distribution out there, has
| once again grown, going from version 1.3 to 1.5 in just under a year. *In
| that time it's grown, prospered, and had it's fair share of growing pains as
| well. *But version 1.5 is only one subversion up from the previous version
| 1.4 that we reviewed. *So what makes version 1.5 better than its predecessors
| and worth a look from us? *Well, let's have a look. * * *


First look at PC-BSD 1.5

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| Compiz Fusion is included in this release and worked really well. There's a
| menu entry which, when clicked, asks if you'd like to enable it at boot. When
| clicked, Compiz Fusion is immediately enabled and special effects are
| available. I didn't suffer any instability or performance issues when using
| this application, but it did seem to require the restart of X to disable the
| feature. * *


iXsystems Announces Release of PC-BSD Version 1.5, Edison Edition

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| iXsystems announced today the release of PC-BSD Edison Edition. PC-BSD is a
| fully functional open source desktop operating system based on FreeBSD
| 6.3-STABLE. FreeBSD is one of the most used UNIX-like operating systems in
| the world and is widely renowned as the most stable and secure server
| operating system. PC-BSD has a Push-Button Installer (PBI) wizard developed
| exclusively for PC-BSD that lets users download and install a wide range of
| available applications in a self-extracting and self-installing format. * * *


My Vietnamese Students used PC-BSD

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| Most of them were successful though all preferred doing their projects in
| Linux, that is what they told me. The bash shell in PCLinuxOS, according to
| them, was easier since it told them which directory they were in. In short,
| they got used to seeing $ /usr/home/guest/Desktop in PCLinuxOS while in
| PC-BSD, they only saw $. pwd I kept telling them * *

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