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First Impressions of Ubuntu 8.04

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| To be honest, I didn’t think I could be any more amazed than I was with
| Ubuntu 7.04. I was wrong. I repent of my unbelief. If I had ashes readily
| available I’d throw some on my head and rip my clothing to express the extent
| of my sorrowful repentance. Ubuntu 8.04 is simply amazing. Everything works
| right out of the box. I’m sure there are some systems where this isn’t the
| case, but my Dell Inspiron 6400 is, apparently, well-supported in Ubuntu. I
| have desktop effects (compiz) running nicely, with some much more flashy
| effects than were available in 7.04. Hebrew support was even easier to setup
| than in 7.04. My networking worked automagically, and I’m currently
| transferring my files back to my laptop from a networked computer. With a few
| clicks I can watch WMV and other such movie formats. Installing Flash support
| was completely painless in the new Firefox (whether this is Ubuntu’s doing or
| a feature of Firefox 3, I’m unsure).


Review: FaunOS 0.5.4

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| FaunOS is a light weight Linux distribution based on Arch Linux that is
| designed specifically for use on USB pen drives. It offers the user a
| complete KDE desktop experience without being too heavy or too light. But
| can a distribution such as FaunOS truly be user friendly, light weight and
| still complete? Yes it can. Let me show you how.



Kind of fond of FaunOS

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| As it is, FaunOS 42 is a remarkable achievement, especially considering this
| is only the distro's second release. It's attractive, with customized
| wallpaper, modern icons, agreeable fonts, tranparency, and an unconventional
| panel arrangement. It performs exceptionally well. Hardware support is very
| good. It comes with an ample and intuitive suite of software. But most
| importantly, it just works. * *

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