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Olympics set the stage for emerging Web tech fight

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| By Daisuke Wakabayashi
| [...]
| Gartner analyst Ray Valdes said 90 percent of the top global 1,000 companies
| have yet to deploy any sort of RIA, while 90 percent of the top 100 consumer
| Web sites have already done so using the nonproprietary and more simple AJAX
| format.
| That opportunity has Microsoft eyeing current leader Adobe for business that
| extends beyond Silverlight and into the sale of design tools along with
| server and database software to enable these new applications.


Published in several places. It's a Microsoft/Silverlight advert.

Daisuke Wakabayashi

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| Daisuke Wakabayashi has written...
| * More about 'microsoft' than anything else


New York Times Violates its Own Microsoft Shill Policy

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| Randall Stross tried to explain in the New York Times that Apple is bungling
| its limited window of opportunity to sell Macs as Microsoft recovers from its
| Windows Vista retail sales flop. In doing so, he had to rely on overly broad
| generalizations, ignore well known retail realities, and violate the Times’
| ban on interviewing Microsoft’s weaselly shills.


Gartner and other Microsoft moles are keeping busy.

Here is another attempt to self-fulfilling prophecies in Microsoft's 'fan

Slap Me Again, Mr. Softy!


“As discussed in our PR meeting this morning. David & I have spoken with
Maureen O’Gara (based on go ahead from BrianV) and planted the story. She has
agreed to not attribute the story to us….

“[…] Inform Maureen O’ Gara (Senior Editor Client Server News/LinuxGram) or
John Markoff (NYT) of announcement on Aug 28, 2000. Owner dougmil (Approval
received from BrianV to proceed)

“Contact Eric Raymond, Tim O’Reilly or Bruce Perrins to solicit support for
this going against the objectives of the Open Source movement. Owner: dougmil
[Doug Miller]. Note that I will not be doing this. Maureen O’Gara said she was
going to call them so it looks better coming from her.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * http://www.groklaw.net/pdf/PX04081.pdf


NY Times readers give thumbs down to Silverlight

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| While the Mac version provides better searching than its Windows sibling
| (with full text searching over seven days rather then one day of headlines,
| bylines and article summaries), text flow is not supported so the view is
| restricted to four pre-set window sizes, and copy and paste are not
| accessible.



Inadvertently Proving the Opposite by Knocking Down a Strawman [at NYT]

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| I’m not sure who told Mr. Gomes that Ubuntu, for example, has never needed a
| security update. (If anyone actually did, I respectfully suggest that Mr.
| Gomes reconsider his use of that source.) *


Microsoft Delivers Major Piece of Nothing; NYT Does It Up Front Page

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| Please. This story is more appropriate for placement in the Times’ Bits blog,
| if its to be presented anywhere in the folds of the publication. Markoff’s
| efforts in reporting the latest news in the tech industry would’ve been
| better spent on another item.


Windows Live Installer Thingy Coming This Week

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| The NYT calls this a Netscape-level event, meaning it may be as significant
| as when Microsoft released the first version of Internet Explorer in 1995 and
| eventually brought Netscape to its knees. “The empire is preparing to strike
| back — again” writes John Markoff.
| That seems like a bit of a stretch to me. The important new web services are
| all browser based, and Microsoft has no competitive advantage over offerings
| from Google, Yahoo, AOL and thousands of new web startups all trying to move
| users from away from the desktop.


NY Times bans Microsoft analysts from Microsoft stories

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| The New York Times continues to perplex with its analyst- quoting
| policy. Rather than having analysts declare their ties to clients,
| the paper would prefer to quote analysts that have no experience
| with a client - a protocol which seems to undermine the very point
| of citing analysts.
| The Register this week started pushing the Times to explain its
| quoting stance after noticing that Rob Enderle - the most quoted
| technology analyst on the planet - had been blocked from commenting
| on companies with which he has a financial relationship. The ban
| against Enderle appeared odd, given that Times reporters continue
| to cite analysts from larger firms who also have financial
| relationships with the companies discussed.
| [...]
| Just days after banning Enderle from discussing Microsoft because
| he has Microsoft as a client, the Times quoted Gartner analyst
| Michael Silver and AMR Research analyst Jim Murphy in a story
| about Microsoft's Windows and Office software.
| If the paper would prefer not to quote an analyst who has
| experience with a client, it did a poor job. Silver is Gartner's
| vice president in charge of client computing. Microsoft happens to
| do lots of business with Gartner and also happens to have a
| client-software monopoly. We're guessing that Silver knows
| Microsoft's products well and has direct involvement with the
| company.
| And, sure enough, he appears a number of times on Microsoft's
| own site and thousands of times in stories about Microsoft.
| Jim Murphy - wait for it - covers Microsoft too and is even more
| prolific than Silver.
| [...]
| Part of the problem stems from the reticence of companies such as
| IDC and Gartner to reveal their clients. That should make everyone
| nervous, but it doesn't. So called objective technology publications
| keep publishing material bought by vendors without telling you this.
| They're also too lazy or scared to ignore the likes of Gartner and
| IDC until the firms change their disclosure rules.
| As it turns out, there's a cottage industry devoted to Rob
| Enderle, where Linux zealots fire off this form letter to editors
| whenever Enderle appears talking about Microsoft. Perhaps the Linux
| crowd could put its fabled collective mind toward creating letters
| for all the major analysts. Lord knows, the Times could use
| some help.

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