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An open-source approach to tracking stolen laptops

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| My sense is that this software isn't for everyone and that it would require
| more knowledge of technology than the average laptop owner. But for those who
| have the requisite understanding, it might provide some comfort to know that
| they can turn to open-source software that doesn't require going through
| anyone else's servers.
| Plus, you get the benefit of being protected by a Roman goddess. And when is
| that not a good thing?


Open source microblogging

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| Laconi.ca hopes to support importing of messages from Twitter, Facebook,
| Pownce, and Jaiku in the future. Using Trac, this microblogging project
| becomes a higher quality version of instant messaging.



Open Source Adeona Tracks Missing Notebooks

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| The open source Adeona project lets users track missing or stolen notebook
| computers without a pricey, proprietary service.


identi.ca creator Evan Prodromou explains why he's taking on Twitter (video)

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| Bzzz.... bzzz...... bzzz...... That's not the sound of bees. It's the buzz
| surrounding new, open source Twitter competitor identi.ca. Creator Evan
| Prodromou sat down at OSCON in front of Linux.com's video camera and
| explained what identi.ca is all about and why it's suddenly such a hot item
| that he's been meeting with multiple venture capitalists -- and can be
| cavalier enough about those meetings that he canceled one to work on some
| code bugs that were bothering him instead.


Identi.ca Launches, an Open Source Twitter

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| Evan Prodromou, one of the better citizens of the wiki community and founder
| of WikiTravel, launched Identi.ca today. *Its a Twitter clone that is also
| distributed as Open Source licensed software.


Laconica: Can Open Source Save Twitter?

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| Lots of people are addicted to microblogging service Twitter - including
| substantial chunks of some open source communities. There are a fair number
| of Ruby on Rails developers twittering these days, for example. But Twitter's
| scaling and reliability issues lately have many people wondering whether it's
| time to look for an alternative. Identi.ca, backed by open source package
| Laconica, wants to be that alternative.


Could An Open Source "Twittersphere" Save Twitter? Or Kill It?

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| Is Twitter too important to be left in the hands of Twitter? That's the
| argument that bubbled up over the weekend. The argument is that Twitter is
| not distributed. This means that if Twitter goes down no one can Twitter. It
| also means if Twitter goes out of business, or just screws up, we could lose
| all of our tweet history.

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