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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 105

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| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #105 for the week August
| 17th - August 23rd, 2008. In this issue we cover: Xubuntu Developer, MOTU
| news(Nicolas Valcarcel interview), IRC Council Nominations, Ubuntu-MD SFD,
| Ubuntu-NJ Barbecue/LAN party, Atlanta Linux Fest 2008, Ubuntu Bloggers
| wanted, Happy Birthday Linux, Meeting Summaries, and much, much more!


[FSFE PR][EN] FSFE Newsletter

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| 1. Speeches about SELF, Free Software and licensing at FKFT
| 2. Local Fellowship meetings
| 3. New interns for FSFE
| 4. Students' union organizes talk on political aspects of Free Software
| 5. FTF releases training documentation on the SELF platform
| 6. Zurich Fellowship meeting - 2008-08-15
| 7. 'Who Owns Free Software? The Copyright and Patent Debate' speech at OSiM
| World, Berlin - 2008-08-17
| 8. Official launch of GPLv3 in The Netherlands - 2008-08-19


Also with FSFE's attendance:

Another Europe is possible!

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| From September 17th to 21st 2008 the European Social Forum (ESF) is being
| held in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The forum is by far the biggest
| meeting place for social movements and a progressive civil society in
| Europe - with the aim to create a better Europe and a better world. More than
| 20 000 people are expected to participate in Malmö. During five days over 200
| seminars and workshops will be mixed with even more culture, film, music,
| informal meetings, activism and demonstrations.



(2008-08-17) 'Who Owns Free Software? The Copyright and Patent Debate' speech
at OSiM World, Berlin

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| Shane Coughlan, Freedom Task Force coordinator at FSFE, will deliver a speech
| entitled 'Free Software licenses and other questions' at OSiM World at Berlin
| on the 17th of August. This talk will examine question of ownership, the goal
| of owning creative work, benefits to consumers and the community and the
| relationship between ownership and Free Software licences.


European Commission publishes draft of interoperability framework

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| The European Commission's Directorate-General for Informatics has published a
| proposal – PDF file – for a revised framework to promote interoperability in
| e-government services. In the revision of the European Interoperability
| Framework (EIF), Brussels calls for open standards to be used in public
| administration, arguing that open standards lower the bar for market entry,
| promote competition, increase quality, widen choice and lower prices. It goes
| on to point out that open standards also ensure access to information and
| services and argues that public administration benefits because public
| officials have to keep control of the standards and technical specifications
| used.


FSFE calls on Microsoft to release interoperability information without

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| Microsoft is the last company that actively promotes the use of software
| patents to restrict interoperability. This kind of behaviour has no place in
| an Internet society where all components should connect seamlessly regardless
| of their origin," says Georg Greve, president of the Free Software Foundation
| Europe.


FSFE concerned about quality of standardisation process

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| Today the International Standards Organisation (ISO) approved
| Microsoft's Office OpenXML format as ISO/IEC standard 29500 despite
| severe technical and legal concerns with the specification that have
| been raised by various parties.
| "FSFE published its 'Six questions to national standardisation bodies'
| before the September 2nd vote last year. [1] Considering the statements
| about progress made on MS-OOXML, one would have hoped that at least one
| of these questions enjoyed a satisfactory response," states FSFE's
| German Deputy country coordinator Matthias Kirschner.

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