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AntiX 7.5 is Now Available

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| Anti and MEPIS announce the release of antiX MEPIS 7.5, "Toussaint
| Louverture"
| Built using the MEPIS Linux 7.0 core including the MEPIS 2.6.22 kernel and
| utilities, along with selected additions from Debian Lenny, this lightweight
| OS is especially appropriate for older hardware and users who like a very
| fast and highly configurable system.



antiX M7.2 "Vetevendosje": Mepis/Debian Linux At The Speed Of Light

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| It's an Albanian word which means "self-determination" and has been adopted
| by Kosovans who oppose the administration of their region by the United
| Nations, and who vigorously campaign for full independence.


A New Update of antiX 7.0

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| MEPIS has announced the release of antiX 7.2, "Vet√ęvendosje."


AntiX saves the day

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| There's more. You can use AntiX as a rescue system when you mess up your MBR
| or change your partition numbers, requiring you to change your boot loader
| entries and your disk mount table. AntiX helps you get in, mount your
| partitions and fix whatever you may need to fix. But then you just may want
| to continue to run it for a few hours or a few days, or...


Anti Releases an Update to antiX 7.0

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| MEPIS has announced the release of antiX-M7.01 "Lysistrata" , a lightweight
| derivative of SimplyMEPIS 7.0. antiX is built and maintained by MEPIS
| community member anticapitalista, as a free version of MEPIS for very old 32
| bit PC hardware and is designed to work on computers with as little as 64MB
| RAM and Pentium II or equivalent, but not AMD K5/K6 processors. ¬* ¬*



antiX M-7, The Fat-free Mepis

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| I would say that AntiX is highly recommended for those who have older
| machines because of its dependable hardware detection and its light
| footprint. While it did not perform as well as Xubuntu on my older laptop, I
| still consider AntiX as a very promising distro that could easily beat any
| lightweight distribution in the near future. ¬* ¬*


ReviewLinux.Com: First Look at MEPIS AntiX 7.0 Beta 2

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| I am always looking for a faster Linux OS that just does the basics. I want a
| low-overhead Linux distro that can run on almost any machine be it a Pentium
| 2 to a Pentium 4. MEPIS AntiX 7.0 Beta 2 might just be the one. Check out my
| short little review about this Linux distro plus my flash video showing off
| this fast and lightweight Linux OS. ¬* ¬*


antiX MEPIS 6.5 Screenshots


AntiX "Spartacus", Lightweight Version of MEPIS is Released

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| MEPIS has announced the "Spartacus" release of antiX, a lightweight
| derivative of MEPIS. AntiX is built and maintained by MEPIS community member
| anticapitalista, as a free version of MEPIS for very old 32 bit PC hardware. ¬*


New AntiX distro makes older hardware usable

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| I've been a fan of SimplyMEPIS for years. The distribution was one of the
| early pioneers in the field of user-friendly Linux development, and to this
| day offers a system that usually "just works." Earlier this month the MEPIS
| site announced a community variation for older computers based on
| SimplyMEPIS. AntiX is an installable live CD that features a modern kernel,
| recent X server, and lighter applications for use on computers with as little
| as 64MB RAM. I tried it, and liked what I found. ¬* ¬* ¬*

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